How to Store Your Clothes?

How to Store Your Clothes?

When you decide to store your clothes and re-organize, the easy way to work is item by item. It can be overwhelming to deal with the entire wardrobe at once. So the best way to start is by tackling certain item sets which are easy first.

Clothing storage will become easier and more efficient this way. Then there will be certain items that will require more care and attention than others, as we all know, not every clothing item can be stored in the same way.

Do you want to know how to store your clothes and how to organize all your clothes in the best possible way, then follow these tips next time you plan on re-organizing your closet.

Storing Accessories 

Re-organizing accessories depends on the type of accessory and how frequently you wear them. For example, you can keep the scarves in your drawer nicely folded but can keep that one scarf that you use the most outside with your coat to wear it.

The same logic applies for belts, gloves, hats, and ties: the one you wear the most should be kept in an easy and reachable spot. And the ones that are very rarely used should be stored properly.


The boots and shoes that you wear every day for running errands should be kept in a boot tray close to your door. Boot tray will prevent the floor from getting muddy. The less-used boots and shoes can be stored in a clothing closet or entryway.

Button-Down Shirts and Blouses

clothes stored on hangers

This clothes storage idea can be used by both men and women to store shirts, t-shirts, and tops. Storing the clothes this way prevents a mess up.

The best way to store t-shirts and button-downs is by hanging them on a wooden hanger in a wardrobe instead of just folding them.


Wire hangers can destroy the shirts.

How to Hang Dress Pants

You can store the dress pants by hanging them on the wooden hangers along the crease. Store your pants by their colors to organize them nicely. If you like you can also store your pants by their hem length(this is for women)


If you are wondering how to organize your pantyhose, lingerie then these tips is for you. You can store your hosiery in dresser drawers and keep them separately from the socks. Keeping them in the dresser separately will save a lot of time while getting ready. If you own an extensive collection of hosiery, you can even separate them by colors. 

The pair that no longer fits can be thrown immediately. You should not store the ripped and damaged hosiery; it makes no sense.


How to fold leggings? If you have sturdy leggings, those can be folded and stored in your dresser drawers, or you can also hang them with your casual trousers in the closet.

Casual Pants

Casual pants or trousers can be folded and stored in your dresser. If you can make some space in your closet, you should store them there instead to prevent creasing and wrinkles.


It can be a little difficult to store shoes. For this repeat, the same method, seperate the ones you often wear or all the time form the less worn shoes.

The shoes that are used less can be stored up high in a closet shelf.

The most used shoes can be kept in the entryway closet, or base of the clothing closet.


The denim fabric is very sturdy, which makes jeans versatile bottom clothing. If you are wondering How to store jeans, then the ideal way to fold them or keep the jeans hanging on the hangers. To look more organized, you can organize your jeans by hem length, just like dress pants.


You can hang the skirts on the hanger with the help of hanger clips. The skirt can’t be hung on normal hangers; it will slip off and create a dent in the sides.

Storing skirts is not similar to storing blouses and dress pants. The ideal way of storing skirts by dividing them according to their function like work skirts, casual skirts, fancy skirts, beach/summer skirts.


You can store the socks in a bureau or dresser, in the topmost drawers for easy reachability.

Suits, Jackets, and Blazers

Clothes are stored properly on hangers

Store jackets. Suits and blazers in your closet by hanging them nicely together and sorting them by colors if the collection is big, this will definitely save you a lot of time in the morning. If your collection is small, you don’t need to sort by colors.

Best way to store sweaters

The best way to store sweaters is by folding them. They should never be hung on the hangers because the fabric might stretch and ruin it completely. If you have space in your closet, store them in your shelf folded. 


Learn how to store underwear.

Men should store underwear in their top drawer or closer to the dresser. Both the socks and underwear can be stored in a single drawer but separated into half.

Women should store their undies in the same drawer as bras and, if possible, in the top drawer. The ideal bra storage idea is to lay them flat. If you own a lot of pieces, separate them in categories and how you wear them.

You can separate them based on the style, like Spanx, strapless and slips. Divide the drawers with the help of dividers, never fold the molded bras always lay them flat. You can also store them under the bed if you less space in the closet.

Other Ideas to Store Your Clothes

Storing clothes in the closet is great, but knowing the correct method is important to increase their shelf life and ensure they don’t get damaged. Here are some tips and tricks explaining the best way to store clothes.

  • Vacuum sealer for clothes

There are many types of storage bags that are perfect for storing clothes. One of them is vacuum storage bags. These are a great space saver. Unfortunately, if you store your items in these for a long period, your clothes will get damaged.

The clothes will get creases and wrinkles in the vacuum bags, and the process of deterioration also speeds up. The natural fibers of the clothes need air to maintain their integrity and structure.

You can use the plastic storage tubs instead. The items will not be suffocated. These are easily available and can store a lot of items.

  •  Avoid plastic bags and cardboard boxes.
clothes and other items stored in transparent plastic boxes

Plastic containers with a lid are the best option to store clothes. The clothes will be dry, and there will be no growth of molds or mildew, but you need to ensure the containers are clean, dry, and lined with cotton sheets. But you should not use plastic bags; these can easily trap moisture and can promote the growth of mildew, which makes the cloth yellow.

Similarly, when you keep your clothes in cardboard boxes, these are not protected against vermin. If the storage units have pests, be careful. If the item is expensive or of value, you can use acid-free boxes and tissue paper.                                                                                                

  • Mothballs

Mothballs are not 100 % effective and also make your clothes smell bad. These can be dangerous for pets and kids. Instead, use wooden cedar balls. These balls will protect the clothes from mildew, moths and musty odors as well. You can always add a few wooden cedar balls between the clothes. Do not put them directly over the clothes; instead, keep them at the top of storage boxes.

  • Clean, cool, dark and dry

When you choose a clothing storage unit, ensure to pick one that will keep your clothes protected. The storage unit should be dark, dry, and cool.

The temperature conditions should not exceed 23 degrees C and should have low humidity. 

  • Check to protect

Check your items in storage from time to time, no matter where you store them. Checking them regularly will minimize the risk of damaging the products. You might be able to save them from getting damaged as well. Sometimes items may fall from the shelves, or something might be packed too tight. It is important to keep a regular check on all the items.


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