Clever Kitchen Organization Hacks To make Your Life Easier

Clever Kitchen Organization Hacks To make Your Life Easier

Kitchen Organization hacks can be a lifesaver, especially for a small kitchen. Many families have their dining space in the kitchen, which means you have to keep the area clean and manage the space to have people come over.

Making the right use of every nook and corner is a must for small kitchen organization. The right kitchen organization hacks and ideas will keep it clean and maximize the available storage space.

To keep your kitchen area organized, we have listed some clever Kitchen storage and organization hacks. If you want to know what these hacks are, then keep on reading the article. 

Kitchen Organization Hacks:

  • Fix a spot for Spices

 Herbs and Spices are essential in a kitchen for cooking. These small contains can take a lot of kitchen storage space. You can use the inside of a cabinet door as a spice rack to keep the spice organized neatly. You can use the cabinet space to store something else like pans or cups.

  • Use Magnets

why not use magnets for clever kitchen organization ideas? You can use magnets to store knives, spices. Just make sure to buy stronghold magnets

  • Magzine holder for Freezer Shelf

Try this smart kitchen storage and organization hack using a magazine holder. Turn the magazine holders on their sides and place them inside the freezer to use a shelf for storing flat items like butter and cheese.

  • Labeling System

Using labels is the easiest kitchen organization hack you can try. Put labels on the jars with the name of the ingredient that is in the jars. So when you store these jars in the drawers, you will not be wasting time the next time you have to pull out one of them.

  • Hang pans and pots on the Ceiling

This hack is perfect for small kitchen organization. If you are running out of space in your cabinets, then try making a hanging storage area for the pans and pots. If you own a decent set of cookware, you will be able to make an attractive overhead rack for your kitchen. Try this hack to make your kitchen look cool and stylish.

  • Create  kitchen Tablet

Do you own a tablet that you rarely ever use? If yes, then turn this into a dedicated kitchen tablet. This way, you can get rid of all the paper clutter like the cookbooks, calendars, and recipe pages scattered on the countertop. This is a great way of decluttering and maximizing kitchen space.

  • Make a roll out Pantry.

If you notice unused space between the wall and the refrigerator, then use it to make your very own roll-out pantry. You can store all your boxed and canned goods in this pantry vertically.

  • Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a useful addition to your kitchen to bring some functionality and organization. This can be used as both storage space as well as an eating area. If you have a limited area to keep a dining table, then this small kitchen organization idea is a must-try.

  • Make use of Drawer Inserts.

The kitchen drawer organization can go wrong very easily. People tend to throw the tools and utensils carelessly into the drawers. Use a kitchen drawer insert to make the storage and organization easier. You can easily sort the cooking tools, utensils, and make them more accessible.

  • Tension rod to hang kitchen cleaning products

A tension rod makes a great storing and organizing tool. You can keep your spray bottles to free some space in the cabinets under the sink.

  • Collapsible Wine Rack

Make use od collapsible wine rack to store your bottles. You can place it on the lower shelf of the refrigerator and keep bottles on the sides. You can also get a modular wine rack too.

  • Hanging fridge Storage

Hanging kitchen organization and storage hacks are our favorites. You can make use of hanging shelf organizers in the fridge to store food items, leafy greens, etc. you can easily find these hanging shelf contains online and offline. 

  • Store onions, garlic, and shallots

If you own a bamboo steamer basket, then this storage idea is meanest for you. You can use this basket to store the onions, garlic, and shallots. These provide perfect environments because of being well-ventilated and will make some space in your fridge to store other veggies.

  • Keep the sponge mildew free.

After cleaning the dirty counter, floor, and sink, you might usually run it under the water and keep it aside. This step provides a growth stage for mold and mildew build-up. Luckily we have the right kitchen cleaning idea to keep your sponge dirt free and usable with just a simple tip. Place your sponge upright to prevent it from sitting in water and air to pass through to make it dry quickly.

  • Wrangle the utensils

A messy utensil drawer, even though it remains unseen, is still a crowded utensil drawer. Suppose you have to dig into the drawer to find the right utensils, its time to invest in a good compartments organizer. These can be found at home stores and come in different materials and sizes. Do not throw everything randomly into the drawer. Make sure to keep every item in its respected place so that you can clearly see without having to dig.

  • Get Creative with the organization.

Find creative ways to store things. Water bottles often fall when standing empty inside the cabinets. It’s best to store them on their sides to stop the fall. You can easily grab your favorite bottle without knocking all other.

Final Words:

Want to know how to organize your kitchen? We have listed some of the easiest and clever kitchen organization hacks to maximize the storage space in your kitchen. These organization ideas will come handy if you have a small kitchen. Try these hacks and tell us in the comments below which hack was your lifesaver.


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