Good Feng Shui Main Entry Area Design

Do you have a good feng shui floor plan for the house or office floor plan? What, according to you, makes a floor plan good feng shui floor plan? How can you make the best feng shui home design and work with what you have? Is there any such thing as a good or bad feng shui floor plan for a house?

There are so many house floor plans that are done without putting in too much consideration or effort for the way people live in them. There are so many house floor plans, for instance, with a small or big bedroom, nonexistent closets, or house floor plan with bathroom facing the entrance of the kitchen or the cooking island and a floor plan with the main bedroom facing and aligned to the front door.

If you are planning to renovate or build a new house, these best feng shui house floor plan tips will save a lot of time, money, and energy. 

A house plan with best feng shui floor plan

Foyer, Front Door, and Main Entry Area Design 

In a good feng shui house floor plan, the main or front door will never be aligned directly with a big window or another door. The front door never faces the closet doors, a wall, or a bathroom door. If you want to know about house plans with foyer entrance, then it is important to follow a proper foyer floor plan as well.

One important concept o feng shui is about the front door of a business or a house; that is, the door should always be open inwards and not outwards. If you open the gate outwards, it will push the good energies out of the house or office, and the house will not be benefitted from the good feng shui. 

A good feng shui house floor plan should not have stairs facing towards the front door with no distance between them. Having a staircase in front of the door is considered as a bad feng shui and should be avoided.

 The front door should ideally lead towards a nicer entryway or foyer that will promote smooth energy flow and will serve as a grounding transition between the inner and outer world. 

For good Feng Shui in the entire house, it is important that there should be a good welcoming space that is beautiful. For instance, you should not see the toilet seat or a shabby closet when you enter the house. The house must have enough space for basics furniture and decor items like an upholstered bench, half-moon table. The house must have space to create a stable and grounding feng shui wall color and collection of focal art and personal photos.

The main door and front door, according to the feng shui, are the energy gateways of the house. These are the make it or break it deal area for following a proper CHI flow- which is a very important concept of feng shui.

A good feng shui house floor plan will always have space for the flow of good energy, stay for a bit, and then flow through the entire house gracefully.


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