Can A Portable Generator Be Converted To Run On Natural Gas?

Can A Portable Generator Be Converted To Run On Natural Gas?

The steps to convert gas generator to natural gas is not so hard. A portable generator is helpful during emergencies, like when a big storm or something unexpected happens that causes a power outage. Being able to have a generator that runs on gas can make a big difference and can even be a lifesaver if the power is out for a long time.

Sometimes, when there’s an emergency, and the power goes out, even gas stations might run out of gas. If this happens, you might wonder if you could change your generator so it can run on the natural gas you have at home.

You can convert your portable generator into one that runs on natural gas. All you need is a few extra parts and some hard work. Instead of using gas from the gas station, you can use natural gas from your home to power the generator.

Why Should You Switch to Natural Gas?

Converting your portable generator to run on natural gas can help you save money and be prepared during emergencies like power cuts or when gas is unavailable. This way, you can keep your home running even during tough times.

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How to Convert Gas Generator to Natural Gas

You can make your portable generator run on gas by getting a special kit or making parts yourself.

Convert to Natural Gas Without a Conversion Kit

You can make your portable generator run on natural gas without buying an expensive conversion kit. You can convert your generator to natural gas by getting a few things:

  • Two feet of copper tubing
  • ½ inch compression ball valve
  • Gas regulator
  • Clamp and Hose
  • Drill
  • Cutting pliers


  1. Open the air filter box and remove the air filter.
  2. Cut two feet of copper tubing and connect it to the front of the carburetor.
  3. Drill a ¼ inch hole in the airbox cover and direct the tubing into it.
  4. Attach the valve to the regulator using the hose clamp.
  5. Connect the regulator and hose to your natural gas supply.
  6. Turn on the natural gas line.
  7. Start your generator.

Follow the steps above to convert your generator to run on natural gas.


Convert to Natural Gas With a Conversion Kit

Conversion kits change your portable generator to run on different fuels like gas, propane, or natural gas. The conversion kits’ prices can differ from website to website, but they all do the same job and are easy to install.

The kit comes with all the parts you need to connect your generator to your home‘s natural gas source if you have one. The kit includes the following:

  • A special device to control the fuel.
  • Some bolts to mount it.
  • A part to connect it to the generator.
  • Some connecting pipes.
  • A hose.


  • Take off the air filter cover and the air filter from the generator.
  • Unscrew the nuts holding the air filter to the carburetor and remove any pipes or choke levers.
  • Put the stud extenders in place and tighten them with pliers.
  • Connect the hose from the gas supply to the regulator and the carburetor.
  • Put the carburetor adapter on top of the studs and put the air filter back in place.
  • Use tape or a sealer to make sure all the parts are properly connected and won’t leak gas.
  • Now, turn on your generator, and it should be ready.

Convert Gas Generator to Natural Gas Video – Easy Steps


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