Different Types Of Air Plants That You Can Plant Inside Your House

Different Types Of Air Plants That You Can Plant Inside Your House

Air plants are the type of plants that belong to flower plants of the perennial inTillandsia genus.

These air plant species are part of the Bromeliad family, and they are around 500 species of the plant. 

There are types of plants that do not require soil to grow, and their roots will develop with water and a proper environment.

These plants grow by taking up moisture from their environment. 

If you love to research and know more about plants, you may have come across Tillandsia plants that grow on trees. 

However, most perennial plants need a warm climate to grow, but air plants are the species that can grow inside your house. These plants are native species of warm and arid zones. 

In this article, we will talk about the different types of air plants species that you can grow inside your home and make your interior more lively as well as fresh. 

Types Of Air Plants

different types of air plants

Ionantha Druid

When we talk about air plants, we like to keep it vibrant and with unusual colors. The popularity of air plants is growing day by day, and growers love plants with unusual leaves patterns and colors. 

Druid species of Tillandsia Ionantha is a plant with peach-pink color and has white color flowers that brighten up your room. 

This species of air plant can grow up to 2 to 4 inches, and it is also an eye-catching plant that attracts your guest’s attention. 

Tillandsia Ionantha

If you ever heard of air plant species among your friends and family, then Tillandsia Ionantha is a species that everyone talks about. 

It is a common and beautiful air plant that looks so special and easily grabs people’s attention. It comes in two varieties, but this one is the most popular species. 

Its special qualities include vibrant color with beautiful spikes. Moreover, this plant cannot be destroyed easily, and weather conditions have zero effect on it. 

This air plant species is attractive with silver-green color leaves, and their color gets dark as they grow. 

Tillandsia Ionantha becomes pink-red when it is about to bloom with beautiful and colorful flowers.

Tillandsia Cyanea

In the air plant grower community, this species is also known by the Pink Quill plant as it has an eye-catching and vibrant pink color flower bloom in the middle. 

This pink flower blooms like feathers and has purple-pink shade poking out from sides of the plant. 

This plant can grow happily natural if proper moisture is given on time. These plants belong to the bromeliad family of air plants found in tropical zones. 

If you are planting them inside your home, you need to water these plants regularly and make sure their roots won’t become dry. 

You can also submerge these plants into water and soak them for an hour or mist them at least three times a week. 

Tillandsia Maxima

If you are searching for an air plant that will really make an impact on your guests, then Tillandsia Maxima is a plant for you. 

You can also keep them outdoors as they can handle direct sunlight as compared to other types of plants.

The leaves of this plant turn to coral red color during the blooming period. Moreover, it also produces various numbers of flowers at the same time, unlikely other types of air plants. 

It produces purple color flowers that make a perfect combination with the coral red leaves and make your entire indoor or outdoor vibrant. 

Also, this species of air plant is among the large size air plant species with six-inch of height.

It also spread about four to five inches that make them a perfect choice for outdoors as well as indoors. 

Tillandsia Aeranthos Bergeri

As this air plant species has vibrant color flowers, it is among the most popular and favorite air plant species for the growers. 

Each flower of this plant is blooming with a pink and purple spike flower with darker green leaves that make it’s flower color come out brightly. 

This air plant species is a low maintenance species that needs indirect sunlight and can be grown under the fluorescent bulbs easily. 

Bergeri is a perfect plant for your office with less care. This plant grows up to 6 to 9 inches and spread in a nice round shape, which is a perfect size for your living room. 

Make sure that when this plant blooms with flowers, do not submerge it in the water; instead, you can rinse it in running water. 

Tillandsia Brachycaulos

This is a beautiful air plant species in which leaves grow outwardly and spread all-where from the central point. Leaves of this plant grow in red color that make it look like a flowery appearance. 

As compared with others, this plant is small in size with a height of 4 inches and can spread up to 5 inches. 

You can also buy a hybrid category of this plant called brachycaulos x concolor. It bred for the purpose to remain brighter and have a light green color. 

This plant can be grown by hanging it on the grids, and you can make a cluster of this plant on the grid as it is easy for them to breathe.

Tillandsia Kolbii

There are so many plants that grow like snakes or sideways, mostly in odd directions. But this air plant species grows in an upright direction and looks similar to a bunch of celery. This plant is small and grows up to three inches in height. 

One of the attractive parts of this plant is it has soft green-gray color leaves, and it looks wonderful when it blooms with pink flowers. 

Tillandsia Bulbosa

It is another attractive air plant that has beautiful and unique features. It has a bulbous name due to the bulbous roots. This air plant has narrow and contrite leaves that make it look more attractive and interesting. 

It looks like a sea monster plant in appearance with tentacles. When the plant comes into the blooming period, its leaves start to change color like red or purple. 

If you grow this plant outdoors, it will start an interactive relationship with creatures like ants.

Bulbs of this species are hollow that makes ants easily enter inside them and make a home.

In order to exchange for providing shelter, these plants use the waste left by the ants as their food and get nutrients from that ant’s waste. 

Tillandsia Cacticola

This is hard to find air plants as it does not produce enough offsets. But this blooms a very attractive and beautiful lavender color flower that will enhance the beauty of you. 

The name of the species is given as it grows on the cacti plant. 

This air plant has silver-green, and rosette leaves with a long sturdy stem that supports in holding the flower. This middle stem grows about 8 to 9 inches higher than the roots of the plant. 

Tillandsia Circinata

It has silver color leaves and is very thick comparatively with others. These features give this plant a unique and attractive appearance, and it looks like bulb fennel. 

These air plant species bloom purple and yellow color flowers and can grow up to 6-8 inches in height. It looks like a wild plant with long upright spikes of leaves. 

Tillandsia Capitata

It is a thick leaf air plant species with a surprisingly very soft-touch texture. They grow in a green rosette. But later they change into peach pink color at the time of blooming.

This vibrant color flower makes this plant perfect to decorate your home interior and make indoors look more green. 

This striking peach plant has contrast color flowers, mostly of purple shade. These plants can be grown into more than 5 to 8 inches in height, which is a perfect size for your rooms. However, they also look good outdoors and can easily grow on the grids. 

Tillandsia Loliacea

If you like miniature plants a lot, then Loliacea is the best air plant for you. This is really a charmer plant and looks attractive inside your home. 

This air plant is so tiny that it does not grow more than an inch, but it gets spread around 2 to 3 inches and has beautiful yellow flowers during the bloom period. 

It looks so charming and attractive that it is the perfect option for keeping it inside the home.

You can decorate your living room with this air plant species or even enhance the interior of your office. 

These can be grown on wood or even clustered in the terrarium. Thus it is very easy to grow this air plant, and not much care is required. 

Tillandsia Stricta Cotton Candy

It is a cotton candy hybrid air plant that has long and thin leaves that look like spider dahlia. This plant is popular for its striking and vibrant pink color flower spikes. 

These flowers look like puffed and inflated flowers that make this plant look so special and attractive.

If you want this plant to bloom perfectly and more fluffy, then you have to make sure that it receives enough sunlight. In case you want to grow cotton candy inside your home, then you have to keep it at the place where most of the sunlight reaches.

Otherwise, this plant is best for outdoors, and it will grow much better with outside air and light.

It can grow up to 12 inches as well as spread in a big round shape, a perfect air plant for outdoor gardens. 

Tillandsia Didisticha

This is one of the largest plants in the genus of Tillandsia that will grow upward and have a height up to one foot tall. 

The base of this plant is formed like airy spray with slender gray-green leaves. This looks like a wild plant and has a red color flower in the middle of the plant. 

It is a perfect choice for your garden, especially if you have a rock garden. 

Tillandsia Fasciculata

This air plant species is known by several names like quill leaf, wild pineapple, giant air plant, or cardinal air plant.

You can easily find this air plant species as it has hundreds of different varieties. This is a common air plant species that is available due to its several varieties.

This plant has red-green flowers that look super attractive and can last for many weeks. 

This is also a large size Tillandsia species that can grow up to more than three feet.

If you have a large living room space, then planting it inside can enhance the beauty of your home. 

Tillandsia Dyeriana

This plant has a beautiful and charming orange-red color inflorescence, which really makes your house interior look complete and unique. 

It has tropical flair, which makes this plant a perfect choice for those who love bright and colorful plants. 

However, the actual flower of this plant is in the white color, but they become hidden due to the vibrant color of the bracts. 

This is one of those types of air plants that you can even grow in the soil pot so that it gets moisture and essential nutrients properly. 

You need to provide this plant with an adequate environment from which it gets humidity. It also gets taller and healthier if you grow this plant in the pots, about 12 to 18 inches height. 

Tillandsia Flabellata

This is not only popular for its rosette and slender leaves, but it is also known for its tall height and vase shape features. 

It has leaves that spread like a spray and are known by candelabra. This air plant species is large and grows up to 10-12 inches in height with beautiful red color flower spikes. 

Tillandsia Funkiana

This is another unique feature carrying air plants that curl and bend oddly shaped flower spikes. It is a small size air plant species that only grows up to two inches.

It is also a great choice for growing inside your home, or you can even keep it in the terrarium. 

You can also keep it in your office, and it will be a good option for a greenery display inside your office. 

Those who love plants as well as like to experiment with the interior by plant unique shapes and features plants, then this Tillandsia species is a great choice for you. 

Final Words

These are some of the different types of air plant species that are highly popular for enhancing the interior of a house. 

One of the best things about these unique air plants is that they need minimal care that you need to water them only twice a week. You can plant them inside your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even at your office. 

These plants will enhance your interior by adding a more vibrant color in your house. As they grow on the wood bark, those who come to your house will get attracted by these beautiful plants. 

If you don’t have enough space for wood bark, metal grids, terrarium, or pot works great. Not only can these plants grow indoors, but they can also handle the temperature of outdoors. 

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