How to Find a Good Plumber?

How to Find a Good Plumber?

Finding a good plumber in your area to do the repair works gets difficult sometimes. Whether you prefer a hands-off approach or an expert in DIY, you might need to hire a professional plumber at some point in time. For many homeowners, the need to hire a professional plumber comes when serious plumbing issues arise at home. The plumbing system is one of the essential parts of the house, and if it is not working appropriately, then it can lead to varied issues. 

It is essential to have a professional and good plumber to carry out the plumbing work. However, the most common issue faced by homeowners is how to find a good plumber? Here is an article with tips on how to find a good plumber. 

Figure Out Your Needs

Before starting the procedure of finding a good plumber, you need to find out what kind of plumber you want? Not all plumbers perform the same task. They all have different specializations on the basis of different types of projects. 

In almost all the states, plumbers need a specialty license and possess different designations on the basis of the amount of experience they have. Journeyman plumbers and master plumbers possess the most experience. Generally, master plumbers own their business, while the journeyman usually works in the business. Ensure to look for the right type of plumber according to your needs. 

Many plumbing companies offer varied services like repair, installation, and maintenance, While others specialize in one or two plumbing services. Therefore, it is better to figure out your needs first and then find a plumbing company that offers services required by you.  

Tips to Finding a Good Plumber

Once you figure out your needs, the next step is to find a good plumber. Now the question is where to find a good plumber? Here are some tips for finding a good plumber. 

Ask for Referrals

Ask your friends and family members who they hire for plumbing services. Taking referrals from trustworthy people is always a good idea to end up hiring a good plumber. If your friend has faith in any plumber and that plumber is recommended varied times, then it is better to hire that plumbing company. Asking your neighbor is the best idea to find a good plumbing company or plumber, If you are new to the area. 

If you know any real estate agents or building contractors, then you can also ask them for recommendations. Make sure to ask what kind of work the plumber has done, what was the quality of the service, and was it cost-effective? When you look for a reliable and good plumber, then tales of satisfaction carry a lot of weight and help in finding out the right plumbing company. 

Check Online Directories

Another way to find a plumber in your area is to check online directories. You can check the online directories of plumbing companies and then evaluate the customer reviews in order to find a good plumber. Make sure to check the customer reviews for particular plumbing companies online as it will help in finding out the quality of services offered by the company. It will also help in analyzing the experiences the customers had with the plumbers. 

You can also review the sites that render help in comparing different local plumbers. Some sites also offer recommendations for particular types of services provided by the plumbing companies. 

Check Online Customer Reviews

Reading online customer reviews can also help you in finding a good plumber. There are varied websites online that have compiled a wide range of customer reviews for different plumbing contractors. Customer reviews are one of the reliable ways to find a good plumber. Make sure to visit websites that render honest customer reviews. 

Ask Insurance Company for Recommendations

If you are not sure about which plumbing company to hire, then it is always a good idea to ask your insurance company. Most insurance companies hold agreements with good and reputable plumbing contractors. Asking insurance companies will not only help you in finding out a good plumber but will also help in getting the service at lower prices on the basis of the relationship your company has with the contractor.

Hiring a Good Plumber

Though plumbers vary on the basis of services they render, there are some things that they all have in common.

Once you make a list of the preferred plumber, then it is essential to ask them for certain information like license, insurance, and warranty so that you end up hiring the right plumber. 

License and Insurance

Make sure to ask the plumber about his or her license and insurance. Being properly insured or licensed helps in protecting the plumber business as well as the homeowner. The plumbing companies that are serious regarding the longevity of their services and business will make sure to have proper licenses and insurance.

Make sure that the plumbing company you hire has a proper workman’s compensation policy and liability insurance. 

There are varied protections that are included in homeowner policies; however, you don’t have to be in a situation where you are accountable for incidents that occur at a job site due to the reason that the plumber does not have the right insurance. Ask the plumbing company for insurance certificates and also verify the insurance by calling the agency. The state website also contains information about whether the potential plumbing company is licensed. 


Finding a good plumber on the Internet is easy. But a plumber referred by a neighbor or a friend is always recommended over him.


Ask the potential plumber about the warranty for the work. A good tradesperson always takes pride in the work they have completed, and they always stand for the work. You plumber should always have the information about the manufacturer’s warranty on anything they install during the plumbing work. The plumber should be ready to back up the things he or she is installing with an additional workmanship warranty. The warranty of workmanship differs on the basis of work and the project. 

References for Work

You should always ask the potential plumber for references of their work from recent projects. They will give you the name of the customers and clients who adore their work; however, it is always a good idea to call and ask the customers. Below mentioned are some questions that you should ask the reference customers.

  • What kind of service did the plumbing company provide you?
  • Are you satisfied with the work completed by the company?
  • Did the plumber communicate properly?
  • Would you like to hire the plumber again in case of need?

Asking the above-mentioned questions will help you in getting an idea of whether you are hiring a professional company that values the work and business. 

Community Involvement or Association

It is essential to check the community involvement or association of the business. Small businesses require proper support of their association and community in order to ensure the running of their business in the long run. Opt for hiring plumbing companies that are members of reputable trade associations like the International Community Council (ICC), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), or any other community groups. 

You can also check that if the plumbing company is associated with community fundraisers, little league teams, or sponsoring school events. If a company invests in the community, it means it has a good reputation and is reliable for taking services. 

Check Soft Skills

Before hiring the plumbing company, it is essential to check the soft skills like whether they communicate properly? Were they humble on the call? Did they listen to your plumbing issue properly? If they pay attention to little details while talking to you, then you can be sure that they will carry out the plumbing work properly if you hire them. 

Ask Questions

You must ask a few questions to the plumbing companies before hiring them. It is important for you to be properly prepared and make a list of questions that you need to ask regarding the project. It is essential to call five to six plumbing companies in order to find the right plumber. Below mentioned are some of the questions that you should ask the plumbing companies.

  • Do you have a specialization in rendering installation service or maintenance?
  • Have you completed this type of plumbing work before?
  • Do you guarantee your work?
  • Do you install products having a proper0`.2 warranty?
  • What Community Groups do you participate in?
  • Does the work require a permit?
  • How much will it take to complete the project?
  • Will you notify me if the project will cost more, or will it take a long time?

Depending on the nature of the project, the plumbing company will give you an idea of the cost of the project. Never hire a plumbing company that asks for submitting the complete payment of the project before completing it. If your plumbing work includes extensive work., then the company might ask you to pay around 25% of the total cost and then pay the remaining amount after completion of the project. 

When you find the right plumber, then it is essential to communicate properly as it is key to completing the project successfully. Clearly communicate the plumbing company regarding the budget, community expectations, modifications, and concerns related to the project. Proper communication will help in completing the project smoothly. 


Always note down the contact details of a plumber, so that you can contact back in emergencies.


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