How To Install a Garbage Disposal

How To Install a Garbage Disposal

Do you need to install a garbage disposal ?You can do it by your own without the help of any professional. However, it is very crucial that you follow the right steps and instructions accurately so that garbage disposal installation process can be incorporate accurately.

Below you will find a step by step guide to how to install garbage disposal by your own with the use of tools and materials.

If you have a garbage disposal at home, it will make it easy to dispose of certain kinds of garbage and keep the kitchen squeaky clean.

Nowadays, almost every manufacturer starts making disposals that cannot wear out even after decades.

In this post, we will learn step by step garbage disposal installation either for the first or replacing the old garbage disposal. 

Tools and Material Required

Set of Screwdrivers
Tube & Pipe Cutters
Electrician Cutting Plier
Hand Saw
Garbage Disposals
Sealants and Pipe Putty

Steps: How To Install Garbage Disposal

installing garbage disposal

Step 1: Plug The Garbage Disposal

  • First, unwrap the packaging of the garbage disposal from the box
  • Read all the instructions given in the manufacturer’s manual and understand all the wiring colors and disposal parts. 
  • Turn off the power from circuit breaker
  • Identify and then detach the cover plate of disposal that is under the side.
  • In case there is not wire, connect the power cord
  • Disposal wire and cords have mostly the same color wires, so connect all the same color wires with each other.


Buy garbage disposal that has matching horsepower and size according to the household needs.

Step 2: Insert Drain Flange

Some types of garbage disposals need to install a new drain flange in the sink.

This new flange consists of a metal disk at the top and attached with a short pipe below the sink from where the drainage system is attached. 

  • You need to roll the rope of ⅜ inch diameter of the plumber’s putty and then press it to the underside of the sink drain flange.
  • From the top of the sink, insert drain flange into the hole and do it by pressing evenly.
  • Now you have to connect the backup ring, rubber, or fiber gasket and then mount the ring from underside of the sink to the flange. Remember to snap the backup ring at the right place. 


Do this step correctly, place the heavy object like disposal itself in order to weigh down flange in the sink and make sure not to move it during installation. 

Step 3: Attach Mounting Ring

  • Now align fiber or rubber gaskets in between the mounting ring and flange.
  • Next, tighten all the mounting screws to secure the upper side mounting ring.
  • Alternatively, tight the screws so that the ring will pull up evenly from below the side of the sink. The rubber or fiber gasket will make the seal tight and non-water leakage. 

Step 4: Mount Disposal

  • Now attach the disposal to the mounting ring. Use a sturdy object as a prop while working with the disposal.
  • While attaching the disposal, make sure to keep the outlet facing the drain pipe. 
  • Now move the lower ring in a clockwise direction till disposal is getting support by mounting assembly. 
  • Insert disposal wrench or screwdriver inside the mounting bracket located on the lower part of the mounting ring.
  • Continue to move it in a clockwise direction until the garbage disposal device gets tightly locked into the place.

Step 5: Connect Disposal To P-Trap

  • Now it’s time to connect the discharge pipe. First, measure the length of the pipe. If it is larger, use a tube cutter or hacksaw to trim the length of the pipe. 
  • Now connect P-trap or discharge pipe with the garbage disposal with the pipe as per the given instructions. 


In case your disposal outline has a line attached with a dishwasher, you have to remove the knockout or drain plug from the disposal inlet prior to mounting garbage disposal.

Step 6: Tighten The Fasteners And Check Leaks

  • Tight all the disposal fasteners at mount and plumbing connections.
  • Check leaks by running water in the sink
  • On the garbage disposal and keenly check if there any leaks
  • If necessary, tight all the fittings

Thus, the process of how to install garbage disposal is not a very tough task. It is an easy and straightforward process that requires the disposal outlet and minimal tools and materials.

If you follow all the instructions and steps exactly the same and step by step, the process of installing and replacing the garbage disposal is a very easy job to do.

You can also save money that you pay to the professional. Make sure to read all the instructions carefully and understand all the parts of garbage disposal before you start the installation. 


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