How to Clean Shower Curtains

How to Clean Shower Curtains

You do not have to throw dirty and oil looking shower curtains; you can easily clean them using the right methods. Shower curtains help in keeping the water in its place and also act as decor. Whether you purchase luxury look curtains, layered, or plastic curtains, they all need to be cleaned. Now the question is how to clean shower curtains?

Shower curtains are exposed to lots of humidity, moisture, soaps, and other elements, which lead to the formation of mildew. In you want to deep clean your bathroom you need to clear clogged shower drain, clean the tiles, and wash shower curtains. Learning how to wash plastic shower curtains or vinyl curtains can help you in keeping the curtains clean and in good condition. 

How to Wash Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can be easily cleaned and brought back to new condition by using the right method and right supplies. You should wash the shower curtains at least once seasonally. Here is all you need to know about washing shower curtains.

Fabric Shower Curtains

Cleaning shower curtains help in managing a healthier environment in the bathroom. Moreover, it is important to keep the curtains in good condition. 

Required Supplies

  • Heavy-duty detergent
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Washer
  • Dryer


  • In order to wash fabric shower curtains, first of all, you need to read the instructions present on the care label. Here you will get all the information about the fiber content, washing instruction, water temperature, drying temperature, and others.
  • After reading the instructions, take down the curtains. While taking them down, check the rings and rod to check if they require cleaning. If yes, then you can clean them using a damp cloth. 
  • Now wash the curtain in warm water by keeping the machine on the permanent press cycle. In this cycle, the speed of the final spin is decreased, which helps to prevent wrinkling. Always use head-duty detergent in order to get the best cleaning results. 
  • After washing, dry the curtain on medium to low heat. Take out the curtain when they are a little bit damp. Now hang the shower curtains. As the curtains finish drying, the wrinkles will also fall out. 
  • If you have heavy natural fiber shower curtains, you will have to iron them to give a touch-up. Read the care instruction in order to choose the right ironing temperature. 
  • Rehang your curtains after ironing.
  • If there is any mildew stain or discoloration after washing, then make a solution of oxygen-based bleach and water. Follow the instruction to mix the right amount of oxygen-bleach and water. Let the curtain soak in the solution for around four hours or overnight in order to remove the stain. After that, rinse it properly and dry.

Tip – While washing the curtains, add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the washer. It will help in getting rid of the soap scum and will provide good cleaning results. 

Vinyl Shower Curtains

Vinyl shower curtains are perfect for keeping the water inside the enclosure of the shower. These curtains are made of polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene vinyl acetate. Vinyl curtains are also used as a liner for fabric curtains or can also be used as a stand-alone.

Required Supplies

  • Heavy-duty laundry detergent
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Washer


  • Takedown the vinyl shower curtains carefully to avoid rips and tears. If there is any rip or tear, you will have to replace the curtain as it can be fixed.
  • You can clean the vinyl shower curtains using a gentle cycle and the cold water setting. In order to avoid excess wrinkling, add some t-shirts or colorfast towels to the load. 
  • Do not dry the vinyl curtains in the tumble dryer. After washing these curtains, give them a good shake and hang back to the shower rod and allow it to air dry. 
  • In case there is any mildew stain even after washing, you can easily clean it. Make a solution of water and chlorine bleach. Soak the stained area in the solution for around 10-15 minutes. Rinse it and dry. 

How to Clean Shower Curtain Liner

If you want complete cleaning, then you should also clean the shower curtain liner. Here are simple steps to clean the shower curtain liner.

  • Takedown the curtain liners and put it in the washing machine. 
  • Put a bath towel in it in order to help with scrubbing the liner. 
  • Make sure to wash it in a gentle setting. It will help to avoid any damage to the liner.

This cleaning method will help in removing any built-up mold or mildew. It is common to find mold and mildew in the curtains as they are constantly exposed to warmth and moisture. Following the above-mentioned instruction will help in maintaining the curtains in good condition. 

How to Clean Shower Curtain Rings

While the curtains and curtain liner are in the wash, you can use the time to clean the shower curtain rings. The rights are also exposed to warmth, stem, dust, and soap scum, which can make them cruddy. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean them.

  • Fill a bouquet of hot water and add a cup to white vinegar to it.
  • Soak your rings in it for 10-15 minutes.
  • After this, rinse the rings in hot water and use an old toothbrush to scrape off any soap scum or limescale that remains.

Final Words

We all clean our shower and bathroom, but it is also essential to clean the shower curtains in order to give a refreshing look to the bathroom. You can easily wash the shower curtains using the above-mentioned tips. If you find this article helpful, drop a comment. 


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