How To Buy A Good Paint Edger

How To Buy A Good Paint Edger

Painting home’s own self is one of the most enjoyable home interior improvement projects. However, projects like kitchen improvements take lots of time, and their results are based on so many factors. Whereas painting interior walls is an immediate result giving work that also brings dramatic changes to your home. In such projects you require a good paint edger.

Painting walls is an easy task, but you have to keep careful of various things while painting edges of the door, ceiling, or wall junctions and keeping care that paint does not drop and razor-sharp painting technique. 

In order to correctly paint on the edges, you need the right type of edge painting tool that smoothly paints over the edges with neat finishing and adds more fun to painting activity. 

Paint Edger

A yellow, blue and green colored paint edger

Paint edger is an edging tool that makes painting edges more fun and neatly finishes painting by sliding and rolling over the unpainted surface.

These paint edger tools may be expensive but help in smoothly painting the edges. Except for replacement rollers and pads, all other remaining parts will remain static in this tool for life long.

Moreover, it is better to invest in an edger tool instead of every time buying a painter’s tape, which cannot be reused. 

Paint edger tools are specially designed to assist in painting the straight lines as well as around the edges.

These tools allow you to paint the edges without cutting in, masking off directly, and painter’s tape technique. 

Paint edgers are used to paint wall areas like below crown molding, door and window trim, above the baseboard, and the juncture between the two walls like painting accent walls. 

Types of Paint Edgers

There are various types of paint edgers, and they have their own pros and cons of using it.

The success of using the paint edger is dependent on how your painting skills match with the paint edger tool.

These tools come in two major types: pad-style and roller-style edger. 

Roller Style

This is mostly used to paint the edger tool and helps in getting the perfect finishing on the edges.

There are brands that add plastic shields and metal so that paint won’t slope on the other side. 

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Spread On

This is a pad style paint edger that nicely paints and covers the edge surface.

Some types of spread on paint edger use need to feed paint through a tube or need to reload using the paint tray. 

These paint edgers are not expensive and cost you less than $12.

Spreader edger tends to smear the paint and lines caused by this are inevitable.

However, you can run subsequent applications using a brush or edger over the painted lines. 

Paint Edging Techniques

When painting the interior walls of a home, there are three major methods that you can use for drawing a perfect paint-edge.

Smiling couple with paint rollers before a green wall.

Cutting In

Almost every professional painter uses the freehand cutting technique to paint the edge of the room.

However, some in-experienced or do-yourself painters basically forget about the sloping and successfully cut-in paint onto either side.

This technique requires patience and experience to do so. 

Masking Off

In order to get the perfect edges painted, you can use masking off technique.

However, it is time consuming and takes lots of extra time while painting a small room.

You can use painter’s tape to cover the edges of the door and windows.

In case you have some complexities and features in your room like wall fixtures and crown molding, then it will take more time for taping the edges.

Moreover, it would help if you used good quality painter’s tape that will not go to reuse again as well as it is expensive too. 

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Tips For Buying Paint Edger

  • Do not buy a painter’s edger that has a special pad or roller, which is difficult to buy again. This also means you have to spend lots of money buying paint edger instead you can buy a skyrocket in that same amount. 
  • The main purpose is to paint the edge surface without spreading on either side perfectly. So it would help if you bought a perfect edge according to your skills, not for showing off or buying an expensive one in this world. 
  • Paint edgers are meant to be moved perfectly to cover the surface. Roller paint edger moves with the least friction means you have less control over its speed and need to do the job carefully. A spreader paint edger can be controlled easily but can smear the paint. 


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