Reasons to Fill in a Pool

Reasons to Fill in a Pool

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Your personal standard-sized pool in your house’s yard may be one of your most prized possessions. It may be a symbol of luxury, indulgence, and enjoyment. But for some pool owners, a pool has become a liability more than an asset to their space. In such cases, the most rational and logical approach would be to demolish or remodel the pool.

Do remember that this is not a ‘Do It Yourself’ job. You would require to hire a demolition contractor that has a specialization in demolishing the in-ground pool. A little research about the cost to fill in a pool, a little thinking about the decision for filling in an inground pool, and getting everyone in the house on board is what’s required for you to go ahead with the pool filling or demolition process.


1. You no longer use the pool:

Whether it’s because of the grown-up kids who no longer dive in the pool due to their busy schedules or because of constant cool weather at your place. If there are no good reasons to swim and the pool is always (or mostly) empty, then the allure of the pool is over. It’s just acting like a big pit of water that devouring on your finances and free time. In such a case, the most viable solution to deal with an empty pool is to get the pool filled. If you are thinking of how to fill in a pool, then do not worry as your hired contractors will give you all the possible alternatives for pool filling.

2. Rising costs of pool maintenance services:

Are you spending dollars and dollars to the pool service company to clean the pool, check the water level, filters, maintain pH level, and repair if something is faulty? If you are not even using the pool, but the mere presence of the pool is becoming a burden on your finances, and your hard-earned money is just slipping out of your hands in weekly pool maintenance, then pool filling will be a practical solution to save your money. You may then use this saved money for other productive purposes.

3. Permanently faulty condition of the pool:

Is your pool decades old and is now showing the signs of constant wear and tear? Regular pool repairs, be it minor or major, suck out all the money on a regular basis. The exorbitant prices of pool pumps and replacement equipment make it difficult to live calmly and manage the funds. This shows it is finally time to remodel or demolish your pool. Filling in a swimming pool is a far better option that is just fixing it every other day.

4. Your pool needs expensive retrofitting:

If you wish to upgrade your pool and retrofit it with compliant drain covers, but the costs are too high, then getting your pool filled is a practical option. If your swimming pool is way too outdated and you will need to shell out a huge amount of money that is out of your budget to upgrade it with up to date equipment, then also it is better to fill the pool and save a huge chunk of money.

5. Not an asset but a liability:

If your pool is no longer acting as an asset while selling the house, then it’s best to get rid of it. You may believe that a well maintained swimming pool will increase the value of the house when the house is for sale. But this is not the case when the pool is itself is not an impressive condition. Who would buy a property with a pool that required constant repairing and it outdated? You may confirm with your local property dealers if a pool that requires a lot of repairing causes a negative impact on the resale value of the house, or will it work. You can make the decision to fill your pool accordingly.

6. You need to use the space for other productive purposes:

If your house already has a small backyard and the swimming pool that’s almost unused most of the time occupies the majority of your backyard space, then getting the pool filled is a great idea. You will be left with a lot of space that you can use for a myriad of productive purposes. You can convert it into a backyard garden, a lawn, a patio, or simply an open space for parties and get-togethers over a barbeque night. The change in environment will also make you feel fresh and more lively about your personal space.

7. Fear of young children going near the pool:

If you’ve young children in your house and a standard full-size pool, then there may be a constant worry in your mind that the children should be safe, and they should not go near the empty or filled pool. To avoid the risk of any kind of mishappening, it is advisable to get the pool filled. You can go ahead with installing the pool once the children grow up, and all the members of the house wish to have the pool. But keeping in mind the safety of the toddlers in your house, getting the pool filled will be the best option.


 A pool surely looks alluring in your backyard, but it comes with its risks and maintaining costs too. When the cost of heating is too high, there are constant leakages, algae issues, safety issues for young ones, and unfeasible maintenance costs; then, it is better to get it demolished or remodeled. The practical decision you make today will surely reap the benefits tomorrow.


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