What Is a Pool House?

What Is a Pool House?

The first of the questions asked by people, generally parents, when they are choosing how to build a pool is what is a pool house? A poolhouse is a name given to a self contained structure that is usually situated in an open space or yard and often requires little maintenance to ensure it looks good.


There are many different types of pool house, and it is not always easy to know what is a pool house. Many have been designed with more than one purpose, and others are basically designed for one purpose. Its main use is to provide a home away from home for your children or guest. A poolhouse is perfect for all young families as it does not require much maintenance.


When you consider the simple need for a pool for your children, a temporary pool or a permanent pool, a cover pool or other type of pool, a patio pool or even a pool house that offers a convenient location for entertaining or relaxation then most probably it is a small structure that is called a pool house.

  • DIY Pool Houses with Bathrooms

Many people who build their own pool usually choose to do so using various materials available in the local home and garden store. These pools are generally constructed using timber and plastic material, as they are less expensive and maybe installed quickly and easily using tools found in a DIY store. In these cases, the area around the house with pool can be left uncovered so as to enjoy its beauty without any risk of water damage.

  • Family Pools with Wood Decking & Other Materials

There are many different types of the pool house that are suitable for different types of homes. They are ideal if you want to build a family pool with a number of friends and family members sharing it. This type of pool will most likely be made of wooden decking, and the walls of the house will be constructed of bricks, timbers, or a combination of both to create a seamless appearance.


The process of building a house with pool should be considered carefully as you would like to make sure you can erect it correctly. Remember, the framework of the house will be laid on a cement foundation, which needs to be built in a manner that the walls do not rest on top of the cement foundation. You can build the walls at a different angle to the vertical ones, which will cause some damage to the cement, but this is perfectly acceptable as this will bring out the natural beauty of the pool house.

  • Check the Proper Spacing Available at the Main Water Drain Line

You must also ensure the flooring of the house is flat, and you must also allow enough space between the house and the main water drain. Also, check that the base of the house is firmly affixed to the cement floor and that the screws and other fasteners that hold the foundation to the concrete slab are not loose. If the walls are not firmly fixed into place, the house will begin to sway and will appear unstable.

  • Don’t Forget to Check the Foundation of the Pool House

The most important factor of any pool house with bathroom is its foundation. You must ensure that the foundation of the house is not the reason why it sways when the structure is erected, and without this, your house will surely fail.


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