Everything You Require to Know About Spool Pools

Everything You Require to Know About Spool Pools

Many homeowners wish to have a swimming pool at their homes, but due to lack of outdoor space, they rule out this option. Others have a tough time deciding whether they should for a swimming pool to have fun or a spa to chill and relax. If you have the same dilemma, then maybe you can consider installing a Spool Pool in your outdoor space. Wonder ‘what is a spool?’ Go through the following information to feed your curiosity.

What is a Spool Pool?

A spool pool is a perfect combination of a swimming pool and a spa. This spa pool combination is ideal for restricted spaces in your backyard. This versatile add-on gives you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy splashing and work out in cool waters just like you may wish to do in a swimming pool, and you can also adjust the temperature to higher levels to indulge in a therapeutic spa.

Moreover, the current created by the powerful jets in the spool swimming pools are great for swimming purpose and working out. Average spools spa pools have a length of 10 to 16 feet and a width of 6 to 8 feet, which makes them ideal to fit oddly shaped spaces also.

What are the Features of a Spool?

An outdoor spool pool

The features of a spool may vary according to various spool designs, and the dimensions of a spool can also range anywhere between that of a standard swimming pool and a spa. But commonly, a spool has these features:

    Powerful spa jets
•    Vigorous heating system
•    Robust current generation system
•    LED lighting to make it more attractive during evenings & nights
•    Seating arrangement around the perimeter of the spool
•    Water filling and removing system

How Much Does a Spool Pool Cost?

The cost of a spool pool is more than the cost of a conventional spa and less than the cost of a standard full-size swimming pool. There are various other factors too that determine the costs associated with a spool pool.

If you are going to use it most of the time as a hot tub, then the operational costs may come up to be pretty high. However, if you will be heating occasionally and mostly going to use cool water without the currents, then the overall costs will come down drastically.

An outdoor spool pool

Spool pools will be light on your pocket as compared to conventional swimming pools. However, their expensive built-in features like the current generation system and heating system elevate the price tag. The materials that go into the spool pools also impact the costs. These materials depend upon the budget of the house owner.

Spool pools can be made of fiberglass shell for a luxurious look or of concrete to get a classic semi-urban look. There is no dearth of spool ideas when it comes to budget. The finishing of spool pools can be done in a simple render fashion, aggregate, or fully tiled style too. The spool pool also needs to have proper fencing in compliance with the local guidelines. Thus, all these factors together determine the total cost of the pool.

Maintaining a Spool Pool

Maintenance of a spool pool is fairly simple and feasible as compared to that of a conventional swimming pool. The spool pools need to have their pH level, chlorine level, and total alkalinity checked regularly a couple of times in a week. Similarly, regular cleaning of the pump, vacuum, and pool skimmer is also required to clean the debris inside these parts. The surface of the pool needs to be cleaned too for long term maintenance. It is also advisable to drain and refill the water on an occasional basis.

Why Should You Install a Spool?

people enjoying in an indoor spool pool

If you are still confused about whether you should go for a spool over a swimming pool or spa, then go through the following reasons to ensure yourself why you need to install a spool:

•    You have restricted space in your backyard.
•    You have an oddly shaped backyard or a steep site.
•    A pool and spa combo is out of your present budget.
•    Spools are easy to maintain.
•    Spools improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces.

Thus, a spool is a great add-on to go for!


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