Tips for Television Placement

Tips for Television Placement

Hiding technology can be difficult for most of us, so the best thing to do is integrate it into the decor. And decorating involves dealing with your television as well. For some people, their television is the focal point, while others try to hide it in the best way possible. But where to put your television without having to compromise with the decor and furniture arrangements? This surely can be a challenging task. We have shared some quick tips for decoration with your television without compromising the integrity of your decor.

  • Power source- First thing first, you need to find a source of power close to where you want to put your TV. You can decide the place to put your TV only where you have a plug point close by. One more thing is to make sure that you have enough supply of power to hangle sound systems or Blu ray players. You also need to keep the window placement in mind when deciding on a place for the TV; if the tv is in front of the window will see too much glare on the screen.

  • The spacing- the most important thing is to decide a place for the television, which is at the eye level. So that when you are seated, you do not end up straining our neck and eyes by looking down or up towards the screen. If you are putting the television in the bedroom, then decide the correct height for tv in the bedroom whether you put the tv on the wall or table.usually 4 feet above the ground is optimal height. To determine the best distance for viewing, multiply the width of the tv diagonally by three.

  • Choose the focal point of the room– you need to decide the focal point of your decor. If you want to keep the focal point in the living room with tv, then you can place it in the center of the sitting area. If you have a beautiful window or mantel as your focal point, then you can place the tv on the adjacent wall to the focal point to view it comfortably.

  • Hide the TV- if you don’t like your Tv to be the focal point and would like to conceal it, then you can put it in the cabinet or any almirah with closed doors. But ensure that it does have a hole in the back so that cords can go through till the plug point. The cabinet should be easy to open and close for the kids.

  • Flip the tv– if you like to keep a small television in your kitchen area, then follow this kitchen tv idea. You can buy a tv that can be easily mounted below the cupboards that can be flipped up and down as per your need. This method will also work perfectly in your home office or dens.

  • Mantel– currently, it is trending to put the tv in the center of the living room on the mantel. If you would like to do the same, then buy a flat-screen tv and mount it on the wall above the mantel rather than putting on it.


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