25 Smart Outdoor Bar Ideas To Steal For Your Own Backyard

25 Smart Outdoor Bar Ideas To Steal For Your Own Backyard

Sitting in your backyard and wondering what the best ideas to change the look and feel and make it into the completely new looking backyard are.

You can easily convert your backyard into an open and wonderful looking bar that attracts you, your family, and friends the most.

Every time you decide for the group home party, your house will be the best place to do that.

Even if there is no party, your backyard will be the best place for your kids and partner to enjoy on holidays.

In this article, you will learn the beautiful 25 backyard designing ideas that will completely turn your backyard into a designer bar.

With these outdoor bar ideas, you can steal the hearts of everyone and especially of yours too. 

25 Smart Outdoor Bar Ideas For Your Backyard

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1.An Open And Expensive Backyard Bar 

This bar design was first designed by the 9th Avenue Designs. This is an intricate estate situated in Brecksville, Ohio, in which there is a huge yard known for entertainer’s fantasy.

This backyard bar design is in the L-shape and has the capacity to allow plenty of your friends and family. You can organize a big party in this design of the bar in your backyard if you have enough space.

You don’t need to book any hotel or go out to make your weekend wonderful and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

You can cook your favorite, and you even not ran out of the pantry, unlike if you do the same at any other outside place.

This outdoor bar design not only makes your backyard appear wonderful but also makes your home look completely different. 

2.Backyard Into Bartender Bar

You can make a standalone or kitchen outside bar in your backyard with a simple outdoor bar set.

This is a small outside bar in your backyard, but it can be a wonderful reason to organize a get-together party with your loved ones at your home.

This type of home bar ideas on a budget and can be affordable by anyone. This DIY outdoor bar can be simple as well as become elaborate depending upon how much your budget.

Some of this backyard bar design is made by using the materials and objects like barrels and pallets, while some other designs include the fusion of a customized kitchen like a professional chef.

In this type of backyard bar, some designs are also attached to the interior kitchen, and a narrow countertop is attached with the pass-through window.

Some more DIY outdoor bar designs include the sheds, pubs or pallet bars that take your home bar ideas to the next level, and everyone will ask you how you did that.

This is one of the amazing outdoor bar ideas that you can create in your small backyard space with little budget. 

3.Pallet Bar

outdoor pallet bar ideas

You can use this DIY bar table to create this small bar in your backyard and add a place that you can enjoy within the boundary of your house as well as outside the house.

Whenever you feel bored sitting inside the house, this pallet bar is for you. You can create DIY bar tables, cutting boards, and wine tables out of wood.

You can use this pallet bar for your union parties and even organize a big party with your loved ones at your home.

You can also make shelves for glasses, bottles, and bar tools storage. 

4. Backyard Bar With Pizza Baking Set Up

For organizing a pizza party as well as bar nights, you can use your backyard by setting up the countertop and chairs around it.

You can use it as a bar and for making pizza install a small stylish looking pizza oven. You can serve the pizza on the countertop with herbs toppings and cheers with your favorite wine. 

You can also build a pizza oven in your back yard. You can check our step by step guide to build an outdoor pizza oven.

5. Create A Birthday Party Outdoor Bat In Your Backyard

Using woods, you can create a DIY pub table and counters for serving food and drinks. Decorate the counters with lights and cards and organize a birthday party for your loved one.

If you can, make it look like a rustic boho bar that is decorated by the personalized signs and cards, mason jars, chocolate wrappers, wine labels, and cupcake toppers for giving an energetic birthday party.

Also, make sure to invite their close friends so that they remember this day forever in their life. 

6. DIY Farmhouse Bar

DIY Farmhouse Bar outdoor

You may have so many stories over the Instagram of farmhouse backyard bars and feel like you also have one.

This is a very easy outdoor bar idea that you can create using wood. Make a shed using the iron sheet and support it using the wooden bars.

Inside of the shed creates the bar table and uses big tin boxes for making chairs. 

7. Blue Wall Mounted Bar Table 

This is one of the simple as well as gives you a feel of a backyard bar. You can install a blue, or any vibrant color wall mounted bar table.

This is attached to the kitchen from where you can serve your guest foods and drinks, and they can enjoy their party in your backyard as well as it is wonderful for creating some news for your kid’s party. In this way, you can save your inside from getting dirty. 

8. Stone Bar

This backyard bar counter is designed with a mixture of various stones that give it a smoky look.

You can also install their induction and keep the glasses and bottles on the shelves of the counter.

You can make the height of the bar counter the same as your kitchen so that you feel comfortable while cooking and serving foods and drinks. 

9. Outdoor Bar Table With Barrels

Outdoor Bar Table With Barrels

This is a simple and beautiful looking bar counter that is made by using the metal sheets with wooden countertop and panels.

You can give it a quirky touch by installing the wine barrels for the corners. 

10. A Wicker Backyard Bar

This wicker backyard bar can be created by using the outdoor bar furniture and creating a design of the patio bar in your backyard. Matching stools or chairs will make your wicker backyard bar most interesting. 

11. Cocktail Backyard Bar

This is a cool looking backyard bar that looks like a mini and classy bar with a shed, countertop, barrels, and lights on the bar.

You just need wood bars, barrels, countertop, stools, steel shed, and lights to give your backyard bar a complete look. 

12. Backyard Kitchen And Bar

Backyard Kitchen And Bar

This is easy to create outdoor bars that also have a kitchen. Please give it a complete kitchen look by installing an oven, cabinets, an L-shaped countertop, and a barbeque setup for offering a complete backyard party. This is a fully designed outdoor kitchen where you can also serve the drinks to your guests. 

13. Wooden Wall-Mounted Bar

If you do not have much space in your backyard and you want to have a bar stand for a home in your backyard, then this homemade bar idea is for you. It would help if you had some wood bars and fix them on the wall. 

14.Village Pallet Bar

This is a vibrant brick red looking backyard bar that you can create in your backyard and give it a completely new feel.

If you have brick walls boundaries in your backyard, this one best matches with these.

This is also a cheap bar top idea if you don’t want to spend much money and want to have a nice looking backyard bar in your house. 

15. Pass-Through Bar

If you want to have a bar stand for home, then this pass-through bar is a great outdoor bar option for you.

You can also build your own bar with this homemade bar idea. You just need to install a wall-mounted bar counter outside the window of your kitchen and arrange four stools, chairs, or barrel resembling stools outside the counter.

This will make your homemade bar that even doesn’t consume much space and is also the cheap bar top idea that you can implement to add up in your home. 

16. Foldable Outdoor Bar

This is an outdoor bar DIY idea that anyone can make by using wooden bars and chairs. This is a foldable outdoor DIY bar that you can build by yourself using the simple tools.

This outdoor bar design is best suited for those who have limited backyard space. If you want to enjoy yourself with your loved ones, then this small bar counter is best for you.

This DIY bar design works best for your limited backyard space and makes your outdoor look fancy and decorative. 

17. Pub Shed

pub shed outdoor bar

If you want to make your backyard bar look like a bold and industrial bar, then you need some galvanized steel sheet, barrels, recycled wood, lights, and a shelf for storing bottles and glasses.

Create a counter with a galvanized steel sheet and top it with the wooden slab. On the backside, build a wooden shelf and place two-barrel stools in front of the counter. 

This will make your friends and family astonish with your creativity and can be a great place to chill out with them. 

18. Sidebar Shed 

This shed bar is made with concrete roof material and includes space for backyard parties. This is best made over your backyard if you have a good area.

You can hang out with your friends and family and play with them. This type of shed bar also offers you the space for cooking food as well as a good space for enjoying it with plenty of friends.

You needed to build a concrete roof shed with four pillars, a bar counter under the shed, chairs, and keep all the other backyard space equipped with beach or camp chairs and a table for enjoying food and drinks with loved ones. 

19. Bar Counter With Parasol

This is simple, economical, and requires less space for establishing a bar counter in your backyard. This is a very simple and beautiful looking design that will win the heart of everyone.

It can be a great backyard bar for your small parties and get-together with your friends and family members. This design is created by keeping in mind the use of modern materials, clean, sleek-looking, eating, and drinking countertop.

If you are on the way to plan a party for your closed one, you can easily build your own bar within the day or for quickly setting up take help from any of your friends. 

20. Pub In The Backyard

backyard pub

If you want to relive the memories of your childhood, then this Backyard Pub will help you.

You can create a pub counter in the corner of your backyard using wood bars and create four DIY sofas. This will be the best backyard pub and enjoying with your school time friends. 

21.Backyard Tropical Bar

This is a very fresh and vibrant looking backyard bar design for giving your yard a tropical touch.

You can make a white paint counter with a wooden countertop and twirling barstools. You can place plants near the pillars painted the same as the wall. 

22. Beautiful Lighting Backyard Bar

Make a shed using shingles or clays tiles in your backyard space and install a counter under the shed. You can also place an oven and decorate the entire interior of the shed with beautiful lights. 

23. Wooden And Stone Backyard Bar

wooden and stone backyard bar

You can create a counter made from the mixed stone and cover it with the wood bar sheds.

Make a countertop also with a wood bar, and place a barbeque grill. This is a small and elegant looking backyard bar that you can enjoy with your loved ones. 

24. Backyard Patio Bar

You can make a wooden DIY Patio bar using help from the internet or a professional.

It would help if you created a counter and placed chairs and wine bottles and invited your friends to the party. 

25. Red Wood Bar Countertop

This is a classy looking backyard bar. You can install a red cedar countertop bar in the backyard and place some stools, and your classy, smoky looking backyard is ready. 


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