17 Party Games for Adults

17 Party Games for Adults

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When you organize or attend a party, you intend to make it as fun as possible. And parties simply mean doing fun activities for adults who would want to relieve their stress by drinking, eating, dancing, gossiping, etc.

Though drinking party games are always fun for adults, sober party games for adults and kids can also be quite fun if you have a fun-loving company.


Mystery Word

This is one of the apt party games for adults to play at dinner or tea-parties. Everyone has to write their names on a chit of paper and write an absurd phrase, word, or sentence on another chit.

Both the chits are to be put in two different bowls, respectively. After each pot has been given a shake, each person around the table is supposed to pick up a chit each from both the bowls.

Then they have to work that phrase or word into a conversation with the chosen person but without them knowing it. This game can also be a good birthday idea for adults party.

Head’s Up

Are you out of game ideas for your next gathering? If you don’t feel any interest in playing the usual games anymore, you could always search for innovative and interesting online party games. An apt part about this game is that it could be played by people of all age groups.

Just download the Head’s Up app on your smartphone. Select any category you’re interested in, be it Act It On, Superstars, Animals, etc., then just put your phone on your head. In doing so, the phone will display words that fall into the selected category.

The people in your team have to describe the word without saying it within a time limit. Once you guess it right, just nod the phone forward for the next word, and whichever team guesses more words within the given time frame wins this group games for adults!

Sheet Mime

There are some basic rules to play this party games for adults. To play the Sheet Mime game, everyone has to put a couple of ridiculous, personal, and funny nouns into a hat.

There are four different levels to play this game, and in the first round, each player has to draw a word and articulate it without speaking. For the second round, the player has to draw out another word and act it out.

In the third round, the player has to describe the word with the help of another word. And for the final round of these funny games, adults have to act it out but under a sheet.

Beer Pong

Well, this one could top your list if you are thinking about party games ideas or even for game night ideas because this is one of the classics. Firstly you have to arrange at either end of a kitchen, dining or ping pong table, 6 cups of beer in a triangle shape.

This game requires two teams wherein a player throws a ping pong ball into the opposition’s cup of beer from a distance resulting in one of their players drinking from that cup. The host must announce the rules specified in the beginning itself like – Is the ball allowed to bounce?

Does it still count if the ball hits the rim? etc. As a team of these fun party games, take turns to land the ball in the opposition’s cups, and the team which lands the ball in all the cups of the opposing team first wins!


if you are wandering for games to play at a party which is known to everybody so that you don’t have to waste time explaining the game and its rules? Then Pictionary is one of those party games.

Ask everybody to write ten objects, phrases, actions, or anything on a chit of paper and put them in a bowl. After dividing people into groups, a player from each team has to come forward, pick a chit, and help his/her team to guess that word using a whiteboard and marker within a time limit.

The team which succeeds in guessing the most rounds of correct answers within the time limit of these small group games wins!

Chocolate Game

If you are wandering for fun games for adults, then this one sure is a classic! If you haven’t ever played this game then, the players must be seated in a circle around a bar of chocolate, a scarf, a knife, a fork, a pair of oven mitts, and a hat.

The players, in turn, have to roll a dice in order to get a six. The player who gets a six has to wear the hat, scarf, mitts, and cut the bar of chocolate with the knife and fork.

They only get to do it until the next player gets a six and takes over. This is one of the most fun adult games and ends only when the chocolate is entirely eaten!


People tend to love adult party games, which have to be articulated. There are rules, though; they are quite simple as there are two or more teams. Each team sends forward a describer which turns the other teammates into the guessers.

The describer picks a chit and has to, without saying the word, describe it in the category that corresponds to the segment to his/her teammates with the help of aboard.

For example, if your category is ‘People’ and you get the person ‘Kim Kardashian,’ then you could probably say, ‘What’s the full name of Kylie, Khloe, Kendall and Kourtney’s sister?’ This is one of the fun party games for adults and kids.

Murder Mystery Games

This one amongst the party games for adults is most preferably played on Halloween, but you could play it any time of the year. This is the best option if you are looking for fun activities for adults as it is interesting, time taking and indulges teamwork.

You just have to choose one game to spend the entire evening having fun with your loved ones. The clues, scripts, hints, charter descriptions, etc. are what makes murder mystery games all the more interesting and fun.

If you haven’t planned about it, then you can go online, search and choose from a variety of options.

Who Am I?

This is an extremely easy and simple game, much like the other guessing games, you might have played. This could also be played as printable games for adults wherein the host would print names of famous celebrities on a sheet, make chits out of it, and put it in a bowl.

This is a team game so, a player from each team would come forward and pick a chit turn-by-turn. The player has to enact the celebrity for his/her teammates.

The teammates have to guess who the player is enacting, just like the name suggests. The team which guesses the most names in the given time limit wins these fun party games.

The Not So Newlywed games for adults

If you sometimes organize only couples events for your friends and cousins. This could be a fun one where people can get to know each other well. This funny games adults can also be played for wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and engagement parties.

You could look online for ideas and prepare a list of several different types of questions. The questions could be related to finance, partners, marriage, making love, fun facts, dating, family, worsts and bests, firsts, love, preferences, favorites, engagement, future, etc.

Just because it tends to be a printable game for adults, you don’t require many things for this game.

Never Have I Ever

When making a list of adult party games ideas, ‘Never Have I Ever’ has to be in it for sure. This could be played as a drinking and sober game with lots and lots of interesting new kinds of a personal and dirty set of statements.

If you do not know how to play this then, it could be best defined as a game where a statement is said with the prefix ‘Never Have I Ever’ and the players who have done it take a sip of their drink.

The statements have to be as dirty as possible if it is an adult games night.

Truth or Dare

This is a popularly known game to everybody, and even if not, then the name speaks for itself. This could top your list of game night ideas depending on your guests, whether they are likely to prefer it tame or wild.

You could either prepare a list of dirty, personal questions and weird dares or search online for ‘Truth or Dare’ game ideas. Your list of dares could be tame enlisting tasks like ‘bark like a dog,’ ‘lick your nose’ or wild like ‘kiss your friend’ etc.

As one of the best group games for adults, you could ask stupidest, weirdest, and embarrassing questions for truth as well.

Kiss Marry Kill

If you want to take this game easy, you could search for online party games ideas for its different variations.

Otherwise, play it the traditional way. There is one way you could make it less personal and attacking for your guests by using celebrity names to categorize them under ‘Kiss Marry Kill.’

It is best played with people who are close to you. 

Conversation Cards

This could be an add on to your game ideas list if in case you are organizing a game night or party amongst people who are mostly strangers to each other.

This game acts as the perfect ice breaker in such situations as it helps start a conversation. Write or print interesting, fun topics on a sheet, cut and fold them into chits, and put them in a bowl. People would have to draw a chit and start making a conversation on the chosen topic.

This way, there would be no awkwardness and unfamiliarity in the air between guests. This could be one of the perfect small group games after you’ve moved into a new place as it could let you know your neighbors, roommates, co-workers better.

React and Act

This could be one of the most fun drinking party games because the lesser you’re sober, the more fun it will be. Just write some peculiar, funny, embarrassing, and tricky situations on a sheet, prepare chits out of them and put them in a bowl.

The player will have to draw a chit, react, and then act his/her reaction towards that situation. For example, the situations for this fun party games could be – ‘You are presenting your work, and you have to urgently pee,’ ‘You are out in public, and you win the lottery.’

You could add some rules and variations if you want to make it even more interesting.

Don’t Say Yes

If you are wandering for games to play at a party which would not take up much time, would be interesting and doesn’t require people to necessarily sit around a table or so to play, then this is it.

You just have to announce it at the beginning of the party that nobody is allowed to say the word ‘Yes’ or any variation of the word. If they fail while doing it, they would have to adorn themselves with any kind of weird thing like a shell necklace, a colorful scarf, nail paint, etc.

Such party games would at least have you a few interestingly dressed guests leaving in the end.

Musical Chairs

Looking for fun birthday ideas for adults and kids? You just have to place enough chairs in a circle facing outwards for all the players except one.

Assign a person to play the music and let people roam in a circle when the music plays. As soon as the music stops, people have to find themselves a chair to sit. The one who fails is out.

Then start the music again, but this time let two participants fight for a chair. You could also create party games ideas of your own by adding rules and variations to make it fun.


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