What Are Squishmallows Made of? You’ll Be Surprised to Know

What Are Squishmallows Made of? You’ll Be Surprised to Know

Squishmallows are really popular because they are cute, cuddly, and super soft. But have you ever wondered what are Squishmallows made of?

Well, let’s find out!

Squishmallows are these plush toys that everyone loves, both kids and grown-ups. They are so popular because they are squishy and huggable. But what makes them so soft and squishy? What’s inside a squishmallow, we all wonder.

In this article, we’re going to explore what materials are used to make Squishmallows and why they are so lovable. So, if you’re curious about these adorable toys, keep reading.

What are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are super soft and adorable plush toys that I really like. I have plenty of them in my bed. They’re made from a mix of spandex and polyester, which makes them both squishy and long-lasting.

How Did They Get Popular?

Squishmallows have been around since 2017, when they first appeared at Walgreens. People of all ages have fallen in love with them, and I’m no exception – they’re just so lovable.

What makes them special isn’t just how soft they are but also their unique personalities.

Each Squishmallow has a name and its own special story, which makes them even more charming. The Squishmallow family has grown a lot, with over 800 different ones, including some inspired by food.

The fact that more and more people are becoming fans of these cute plush toys shows how much they’re loved. I’m a fan myself, and I can say for sure that Squishmallows hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

What are Squishmallows Made Of?

What Are Squishmallows Made of

We really adore Squishmallows! These super-soft, cute plush toys have won us over. They each have their own name and story, which makes them even more special.

Now, we’re curious to find out what’s inside squishmallows. Let’s move on to the next section to learn more about it.

What’s Inside a Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are these adorable and super-soft stuffed animals that people love. What makes them so cuddly is the materials they’re made from.

Both the regular-sized and giant Squishmallows are crafted using a mix of spandex and polyester fiber. This special mix gives them their unique texture and that wonderful squishy feeling.

Spandex is a soft and strong material that helps Squishmallows bounce back to their original shape even if you squeeze them tightly. The stuffing, which makes them so huggable, is made from polyester fiber.

This material is great for stuffed toys because it doesn’t get easily stained, wrinkled, or smelly, and it doesn’t shrink. Plus, it helps Squishmallows dry quickly if they get wet.

Safety is very important when they make Squishmallows. The materials used are safe and don’t have any harmful chemicals. They meet safety standards like Prop 65 and don’t have flame retardants.

And here’s something cool – Squishmallows come in different sizes, from small 3.5-inch clip-ons to big 24-inch squishmallows. And because of the materials they’re made of, Squishmallows are easy to clean if they get dirty.

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What Fabric Are Squishmallows Made Of

What Are Squishmallows Made of

Polyester Fibers

Polyester fiber is a really important material in creating Squishmallow stuffed toys.

These fibers are great because they help the stuffed toys stay clean by resisting stains, wrinkles, and mildew.

Plus, they make sure the plushies don’t get smaller in size. They also help the toys dry quickly if they ever get wet.

Usually, polyester fibers are made in a continuous way. This can be done in two main ways: by using granulated polymer in a batch process or through a continuous polymerization method [1].

Ultra-Soft Spandex

When Squishamallows are made, the people who create them pick ultra-soft spandex as the main material.

They do this because spandex is very light and flexible, giving them more ways to make each Squishmallow special compared to other materials.

This special spandex is super stretchy, which means every Squishmallow is strong and can handle lots of playtime without getting worn out.

The best part is that this spandex also makes every Squishmallow feel so huggable and incredibly squishy.

And it’s gentle on your child’s skin, which is important if they love to snuggle with their Squishmallows. Now, let’s find out how Squishmallows are shipped.

Where Do They Make Squishmallows?

Yes, squishmallows are made in China because they are more affordable due to lower labor costs [2].

The Squishmallows made in China are safe for both babies and grown-ups. They meet strict safety rules called Prop 65 and have flame-resistant properties.

When you’re choosing the right plush toy, it’s important to check if the manufacturers follow the rules and safety standards required by the government.

This means they’ve passed a test by an outside group, got a Children’s Product Certificate, and followed something called ASTM F963-17 (which is like a safety guide for toys).

Making Squishmallows in China is pretty common because China is really good at making lots of things.

But the fun and creative part of Squishmallows, like their designs and personalities, come from a cool team at Kellytoy in the USA.

They put a lot of thought into each character, giving them unique stories and making them even more special.

And if you prefer things made in the USA, there are pillows available that feel just like Squishmallows.

Do They Make all The SquishMallows With The Same Material

Yes, all Squishmallows are created with the same materials.

The makers take great care to keep the design, feel, and materials consistent for every single Squishmallow they make and put on the market.

While there might be some small changes depending on the specific plush toy’s design, polyester fiber and super-soft spandex are always used when making them.

Now, let’s uncover the story behind the very first Squishmallow ever created.

Can You Make a Homemade Squishmallow?

Yes, you can try making your own Squishmallow at home, but keep in mind it might not be as soft and cuddly as the original Squishmallows from KellyToys.

If you want to give it a try, gather some essential materials for your DIY project.

You’ll need polyester fiber and ultra-soft spandex for the stuffing to ensure your homemade Squishmallow is as comfy as a marshmallow.

Depending on the design you have in mind, you might also need some extra materials with different patterns, designs, sizes, or types of fabric.

How to Clean My Squishmallows?

Are your Squishmallows in need of some tender loving care? Here’s how to keep them soft and huggable.

Squishmallows are fantastic because they’re soft and cuddly. But what do you do when they get a little dirty? Don’t worry; cleaning them is easy. Here’s what you need to know:

Machine Washing Your Squishmallows:

  1. Put your Squishmallow into the washing machine. Use a small amount of detergent.
  2. Add a cup of water and start the washing cycle according to your machine’s instructions.
  3. After the cycle, rinse your Squishmallow thoroughly.
  4. Let it air dry completely in a cool, dry place.

Hand Washing Your Squishmallows:

If you prefer, you can hand wash your Squishmallows:

  1. Use mild detergent and cool water.
  2. Gently wash your Squishmallow with this mixture.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Lay it flat on a towel or hang it in front of an open window to air dry. Ensure it dries thoroughly to maintain its shape, colors, and softness.

Cleaning your Squishmallows is essential to keep them huggably soft. Whether you choose the washing machine or hand washing, make sure they’re squeaky clean before your next snuggle.

Other Questions Answered on Washing 

Why should I wash my Squishmallows?

Squishmallows can get dirty easily when we play with them or show them to friends. Washing keeps them clean and squishy for more fun!

Can I use any soap or detergent?

Yes, but mild detergent is best for the first few washes. Then, switch to an even milder one.

Can I wash my Squishmallows by hand?

Yes, you can. It just takes a bit longer than using a washing machine or dishwasher.

Types of Squishmallow Characters 


My nieces and nephews love Squishmallows because they have lots of cute animal characters.

Squishmallows has animals from different places, so everyone can find one they like. Here are some cute animals they have:

  1. Cats: Squishmallows have fluffy house cats and big lions for cat lovers.
  2. Dogs: They also have dogs like Baron the Bear and Barb the Dog for dog lovers.
  3. Dragons: If you like mythical creatures, they have cute dragons too.
  4. Farm animals: For those who like farms, Squishmallows have cows, pigs, and chicks.
  5. Frogs: They even have green, squishy frogs for frog fans.
  6. Peacocks: They have peacocks if you want something colorful.
  7. Axolotls: They also have axolotls like Archie for something unique.

And there are more animals like dinosaurs that many people like. Squishmallows has lots of animals for everyone.

Unique Shapes

Squishmallows are not just animals; they also have fun shapes. Some examples are:

  1. Aria the Unicorn: A magical unicorn with colorful hair and a cute horn.
  2. Astrid the Unicorn: Another unicorn with different colors.
  3. Ava the Avocado: A funny avocado with a happy face.

Squishmallows always have new and interesting shapes. People can have fun collecting their favorite ones.

Sizes and Prices

I like to learn about the different sizes and prices of Squishmallows.

You can find Squishmallows in these places:

Squishmallows used to come in four sizes: 3.5, 8, 13, and 16 inches.

Now, they come in more sizes, from very small (3.5 inches) to very big (24 inches). There are 12 sizes to choose from.


Squishmallows have different prices. Some cost a little, like $2.99, and some cost more, like $59.99. The price depends on how big and special the Squishmallow is.

You can find Squishmallows in different stores:

  1. Walgreens: They have lots of Squishmallows at good prices.
  2. Target: Sometimes, they have cute Squishmallows, but it can be different at each store.
  3. CVS: CVS has Squishmallows in different sizes.
  4. Costco: Costco sells Squishmallows in groups at good prices.
  5. Gamestop: You can find Squishmallows in this store in different sizes.
  6. Walmart: Some people find Squishmallows at Walmart.
  7. Kroger: You can look for Squishmallows when you’re shopping for groceries.
  8. Five Below: This store often has Squishmallows at lower prices.

I hope this helps people who love Squishmallows find the ones they want.

Watch Out for Fake Squishmallows

As more people love Squishmallows, there’s a problem – fake ones are showing up. These fake Squishmallows are not real but look like the real ones. You can find them online or sometimes in stores.

How to Know if it’s Fake

  1. Check the Tags: Real Squishmallows have three small tags. The first one says, “Original Squishmallows: Squeeze and Cuddle Me.” The second tag says “Kellytoy” with information about the toy. The third tag has the ID, batch, and date it was made. There’s also another tag with the Squishmallow’s name and story. Fake ones often don’t have these tags or have the wrong information.
  2.  Feel How Soft It Is: Real Squishmallows are very soft, like marshmallows. Fake ones might not be soft like this or feel different.
  3.  Look at the Shape and Design: Real Squishmallows have good patterns and stitching. Fake ones might have uneven stitching, bad designs, or important details missing.

If you want to be sure you’re getting a real Squishmallow, buy it from a good store and check it carefully. I love Squishmallows, and I tell everyone to be careful and not get fake ones. This helps the people who made the real ones and keeps our collections nice.

You can also watch a video that shows real Squishmallows and fake ones to learn more.

What is the difference between Squishmallow and other stuffed animals?

What sets Squishmallows apart from stuffed animals?

Squishmallows are unique because they’re incredibly soft and give you a warm, comforting hug when you cuddle with them.

They’re made from soft spandex fibers and filled with polystyrene fibers, but here’s a fun idea: you can also fill them with chocolates or candies to create a sweet gift.

So, when you hold a Squishmallow, it’s like having a cozy friend who’s always ready to give you a gentle hug. And if you want to make someone’s day sweeter, you can surprise them with a Squishmallow filled with treats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Materials Are Used to Make Squishmallows?

A: Squishmallows are carefully crafted using polyester fibers for both their outer covering and their filling. This choice of material ensures that they are not only incredibly soft and huggable but also durable and easy to care for.

Q: Do Squishmallows contain any harmful chemicals?

A: You can rest assured that Squishmallows are completely free from harmful chemicals. They are constructed with polyester fibers, both on the outside and inside, and no toxic chemicals are part of their composition. Squishmallows meet Prop 65 regulations and are devoid of flame retardants.

Q: What Do They Stuff Inside the Squishmallows?

A: Inside each Squishmallow, you’ll find more of these soft polyester fibers. This stuffing material is lightweight, gentle to the touch, and designed to stand the test of time. It’s the secret behind why Squishmallows provide that perfect blend of support and squishiness, making them a beloved choice for both kids and adults.

Q: Is the first Squishmallow rare?

A: The first Squishmallow, made in 2017, is hard to find because it was produced in limited quantities. While not officially “rare,” it’s more valuable than newer versions.

Q: Can You Buy Squishmallows Fabric Separately?

A: Information regarding the separate purchase of Squishmallows fabric isn’t readily available. It’s likely that this specific fabric is tailored exclusively for use in Squishmallows plush toys and may not be offered for individual sale.

Q: Are Squishmallows Child-Friendly?

A: Indeed, Squishmallows are suitable for kids of all ages. Crafted from non-toxic, super-soft materials, they’re perfect for everyone. Just remind your little ones not to chew on them too vigorously, as it might affect their softness.

Q: What are Squishmallows made of? 

A: Squishmallows are crafted from 100% polyester. This plush fabric is soft, huggable, and easy to clean in the washing machine. Rest assured, there are no harmful substances in these toys, making them safe for your children.

Q: Should you leave the tags on Squishmallows? 

A: If you’re giving Squishmallows as a gift, there’s no need to keep the tags. However, there’s a special strip for attaching a tag if you’d like to include one for hanging.


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Final Thoughts

So, what are squishmallows made of?

Squishmallows have won the hearts of many due to their exceptional softness, safety features, and diverse character options. Squishmallows are designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages. They’re playful, cuddly, and can be easily washed in the machine, making them suitable for both children and adults. Squishmallows are crafted with care and quality materials like spandex and filled with polyester fiber. They provide endless comfort and joy, making them a cherished addition to any collection or a delightful gift choice.


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