What is The Rarest Squishmallow?

What is The Rarest Squishmallow?

Jack The Black Cat is the rarest Squishmallow. Only 500 of these cats were ever made, and he’s the very first special Squishmallow. These adorable and collectable stuffed animals are famous for their cuteness.

Each Squishmallow has a distinct style and story that perfectly matches its appearance. So, with thousands of them, which are the most rarest squishmallows out there?

Now, let’s continue our journey to find out what are the rarest squishmallows.

Top 21 Rarest Squishmallows

  1. Jack The Black Cat
  2. Chanel
  3. Philippe The Frog
  4. Mariah, A Rainbow-Colored Lamb
  5. Blossom The Sheep
  6. Santino The Platypus
  7. Lucille The Seal
  8. Avery The Duck
  9. Patty The Cow
  10. Gertrude The Goose
  11. Connor The Cow
  12. Celine The Hen
  13. Lenora The Loon
  14. Willow The Tie-Dye Pegasus
  15. Jackie The Purple Tulip
  16. Daxxon The Purple Alien
  17. Brigita The Snow Leopard
  18. Louisa The Penguin
  19. Fania The Purple Owl
  20. Stacy The Squid
  21. Golden Hans

Rarest Squishmallow You Can See Out In The World

Jack The Black Cat is the Rarest Squishmallow

Jack The Black Cat is the rarest Squishmallow

Meet Jack, the Black Cat, one of the rarest Squishmallows out there. He’s not your ordinary Squishmallow; he’s part of the rare Squishmallows Select Series.

Jack’s got a unique look with closed white eyes, delicate white whiskers, and a tiny pink mouth. Some say he reminds them of Hello Kitty.

But Jack’s charm goes beyond his appearance. He’s known for being assertive, quiet, aggressive, and always ready to lend a hand.

Jack the black cat first appeared in 2020, and you can find him in two sizes, 12 inches and 16 inches. But here’s the thing – owning Jack comes at a cost.

He can be pretty expensive, with a price tag of around $2,000. What makes him so valuable is his extreme rarity.

Jack is the 500th Squishmallow ever made, and there are only 500 unique Jacks worldwide. This makes him a top pick for collectors and devoted Squishmallow fans.

Check for a “500” gold emblem on his left ear to spot the honest Jack the Cat. Some collectors have been willing to pay nearly $2,000 to have this one-of-a-kind Squishmallow in their collection.

Beyond his distinctive appearance, Jack is known for being strong, quiet, and always willing to help.

Jack is part of the Easter Squad and was released in December 2020. The limited number of 500 units sold out in less than two hours when he was first released, making him even more appealing to Squishmallow enthusiasts.


Chanel Is one of the rarest squishmallows

Meet Chanel, a rare Squishmallow named after the famous perfume brand. Chanel looks like a yummy French cinnamon roll, and she’s passionate about cooking and all things sweet.

She has a tan-coloured pastry body, cute black eyes, and a pink mouth. On top of her head, you’ll find a cream-coloured icing with a brown cinnamon swirl.

Chanel isn’t just a sweet character; she’s also kind-hearted. She volunteers at a local food pantry, teaching other Squishmallows how to bake and decorate.

She’s part of the 2020 Valentine Squad, which makes her extra special because these unique Squishmallows are only available once a year.

What makes Chanel genuinely unique is her special design. While all the Chanel cinnamon roll Squishmallows may look similar, the one with open eyes, rosy cheeks, and a simple swirl is exclusive to Canada, making it harder to find. Chanel debuted in 2020 and is often sold for around $450 in auctions, thanks to her rarity.

Philippe The Frog

Philippe The frog

Let’s meet Phillippe, a rare Squishmallow frog who made quite a splash in the 2017 Valentine Squad collection. He’s an adorable green frog with a white belly and those cute pink heart-shaped cheeks.

When he first appeared, he became the face of the Valentine’s season, making him famous in Squishmallows.

Even more interesting is that he loves playing hopscotch, especially on Valentine’s Day.

According to Squishmallow stories, he’s best friends with Marco, another exclusive Valentine’s Squishmallow from 2019, who’s a pink and white Hedgehog with hearts on his chest.

Phillippe belongs to the Valentine Squad, and sometimes you can find special bundles in auctions where Squishmallows like Phillippe and Marco are grouped, which can increase their value.

Speaking of Phillippe’s unique appearance, he’s a rare find in Squishmallows. He stands out with his vibrant green colour and white body featuring those delicate pink heart cheeks.

His big black eyes are highlighted with white at the top of his head. Phillippe debuted in July 2019 and is known for the satin pink hearts on his cheeks and his cheerful smile.

Interestingly, there have been instances where Squishmallow enthusiasts were willing to spend up to $999 to add him to their collection.

Besides hopscotch, Phillippe enjoys capturing moments through photography, especially with his family and friends.

Mariah A Rainbow Colored Lamb

Mariah Is one of the rarest squishmallows

Allow me to introduce Mariah, a particular member of the Squishmallow Baby Squad, which includes six other adorable plush companions.

Mariah is a colourful rainbow lamb with a face and ears, a calming mix of white and cream. Her eyes and mouth are dark black, and her nose is shaped like a sweet pink heart.

Her profile tells us that she’s a big fan of horseback riding and has a soft spot for horchata. Mariah is known for her loyalty and friendly nature.

She made her debut in 2020 and stands at a modest 7 inches in size, and she’s valued at around $800.

What makes her exceptionally rare is that she was exclusively available at Aldi grocery stores in the latter part of 2020. Although all the Baby Squad Squishmallows are rare, Mariah is the rarest.

Mariah belongs to the 2020 Baby Squad and can only be found at Aldi stores. This charming lamb is a sought-after Squishmallow, often fetching impressive prices of $800 or more at auctions.

Her profile highlights her love for horseback riding and her trustworthiness and friendly personality.

Blossom The Sheep

Blossom is one of the rarest squishmallows

Meet Blossom, a lovely and cuddly sheep Squishmallow. Blossom is one of the rarest squishmallows you can see out there.

She’s mostly white with a cream-coloured face and soft golden fluff along the edges. Her eyes are gently closed, and she holds a tiny rainbow with woollen clouds in her hooves.

Blossom was a special release you could only find at Justice for a limited time in 2018. The subtle vanilla scent she carries makes her even more delightful, adding to her charm.

You can get her in an 8.5-inch size, but if you like bigger and cosier plushies, there’s a 16-inch option, too.

In auctions, her price can go relatively high, sometimes reaching $800. The best part? She’s a unique find because she won’t be produced again, as Justice closed in 2021.

Blossom makes for a fantastic gift if you or someone you know loves sheep. Plus, compared to some other Squishmallow characters, she’s relatively more affordable, estimated at around $188.

Blossom debuted in January 2019 and has a soothing vanilla scent, making snuggling even more enjoyable.

She used to be exclusively available online through Justice, but you won’t find her in their physical stores anymore.


Santino The Platypus

Santino The Platypus

While talking about the list of rarest squishmallows we do have to add Santino the platypus. Let’s meet Santino, a unique 12-inch Squishmallow with a one-of-a-kind look. He’s primarily brown with a dark bill, black eyes, and a white belly.

But Santino is more than just a cute toy; he’s known for his skill in making yummy blueberry pancakes, a talent he learned from his dad.

Besides his love for cooking, Santino is a big fan of soccer and dreams of becoming a professional goalkeeper.

What makes Santino even more interesting is his price. He’s one of the pricier Squishmallow plushies, selling for around $1,100 to $1,500 in auctions.

This is because he’s incredibly rare. Among the thousand-plus Squishmallows, only 50 are brown, and Santino is the rarest of them all.

Santino, the Platypus, is not just a cute face; he’s full of character. With his dark brown body, duck-like bill, and expressive round eyes, he’s not your typical plush toy.

His love for blueberry pancakes and his dedication to soccer make him even more endearing.

Santino made his debut in 2020, and there’s also a smaller version of him available as part of the Down Under Squad in Squishville.

Some collectors are willing to pay a premium, up to $1,600, for this unique brown Squishmallow.

Beyond his culinary talents and passion for soccer, Santino’s dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper shows his determination and ambition.

Lucille The Seal

Lucille is a rare squishmallow

Lucille is a unique member of the Sealife Squad, a group of 23 adorable characters. She’s a cute white seal with black eyes, a nose, mouth, and whiskers.

Her little flippers, grey muzzle, and pale grey belly make her even more charming. Lucille is a rare Squishmallows and can be worth around $500.

What makes her unique is that she’s one of just four seal-themed Squishmallows and the most sought-after of the four.

She was first introduced in 2020 and comes in different sizes, from a small 3.5 inches to a large 12 inches.

Lucille became part of the Sealife Squad in 2018, making her a unique addition. This series includes only 23 characters, and Lucille stands out with her $500 price tag at auctions.

She’s considered the rarest among the four seal characters in the squad. In her free time, Lucille loves exploring the deep sea discovering new marine creatures and hidden treasures. She’s also a fan of collecting unique and interesting rocks.

Avery The Duck

Avery is a rare squishmallow

Attending Squishmallow swap meets was a fantastic experience. At one of these events, I came across a Avery the Duck, one of the rarest squishmallows. Avery has a distinct appearance with a green head and a brown body.

But why is Avery the duck Squishmallow rare? Because his tummy is a warm tan, and his wings are incredibly soft in a shade of brown.

What makes Avery even more remarkable is that he’s a member of the rugby team. So, he’s not just a cute duck; he’s also quite skilled on the field.

Besides his sports talents, Avery is part of a loving family who comes to his games and even brings popsicles to celebrate his victories.

Avery the Duck was introduced to the Squishmallow world in 2019 and belonged to the Mallard Duck family, so he has those unique green and brown colours.

Some dedicated Squishmallow collectors have valued Avery at around $499, making him highly sought after by those who love Squishmallows.

Patty The Cow

Patty the cow is a rare squishmallow

Patty is a trendy rare Squishmallow plush toy. People love her because she has soft pink patches and purple touches on her ears.

Patty lives with a Squishmallow family at a springtime farmer’s market booth. It’s like having a whole family of soft and squishy plush toys.

Patty joined the Squishmallow family in February 2022 as part of the Easter Squad. Patty is one of the rarest squishmallows because of her pink and purple colours.

Patty’s family, which includes pig plushies, runs a famous booth at the springtime farmer’s market, making her a treasured member of the Squishmallow world.

While Patty’s estimated value is about $290, her value comes from the happiness she brings to people who love these huggable toys.

Gertrude The Goose

Gertrude Goose Squishmallow

I had a great time at a fan event where I met other Squishmallow collectors. The star of the event was Gertrude, one of the rarest squishmallows.

People sometimes think she’s a bit bossy, but she has a kind heart and likes to help other Squishmallows like Fania the Purple Owl, Calico Cat, and Stacy the Squid.

Gertrude looks unique with her black and grey colours, white belly, and round black eyes. Even more remarkable is that you can only find her in Canada, so she’s often called the “Canadian Goose.”

Gertrude came out in 2021 and was only sold in Canada. Her bio says she can be assertive, but she enjoys helping others.

She loves doing things in groups and often leads study sessions to help everyone prepare for necessary tests.


Connor The Cow

Connor is a rare Squishmallow

Connor is one of a rarest Squishmallows that many people love. Sellers often restock him because he’s very popular.

You can recognize him by his special black and white patches, small pale horns, and black eyes.

Connor is not just a soft toy; he’s an active Squishmallow athlete who enjoys riding his bike. He’s even had the chance to visit California, which he thinks is super cool.

Connor first appeared as a plush toy in 2017 and was the 10th Squishmallow to be released. He’s a versatile Squishmallow, part of the 2022 Easter Squad and Harvest Squad.

You can get him as a Hug Mee, too. His bio tells us he’s a big sports fan who loves competition. He’s always on the move with his bike and particularly fond of a place he calls “California.”

Celine The Hen

Celine Squishmallow

Let me introduce you to Celine, a rare Squishmallow. Celine is a light brown chicken with round black eyes and a soft orange beak. She’s rare and an excellent addition to your Squishmallow collection.

What makes Celine stand out is her kind and caring personality.

She loves to help her fellow Squishmallows, just like how she assists her aunt when working outside. This caring nature makes Celine so unique and cherished in Squishmallows.

Lenora The Loon

Lenora is a Rare Squishmallow

While exploring thrift stores and garage sales, I discovered something special – a vintage Squishmallow named Lenora the Loon. Lenora is a unique Squishmallow that you can only find in Canada.

She looks like an aquatic bird with striking black wings, a grey body, and a white neck decorated with vertical black stripes.

One exciting thing about Lenora is that she’s part of the singer’s Squishmallow family, even though she can’t sing.

Lenora first appeared in 2019 and quickly became a sought-after Squishmallow, especially in Canada. Some sellers price her between $200 and $350 because of her rarity.

What makes Lenora even more remarkable is her dream of starting a rock band, even though she can’t sing, which adds a unique charm to her story.

Willow The Tie Dye Pegasus

Willow is a Rare Squishmallow

In the exciting world of Squishmallows, with different character groups like the Citrus and Fantasy Squad, you’ll come across a unique member named Willow. She’s part of the Fantasy squad. Willow is one of the rarest squishmallows you’ll find.

Willo is easily recognizable because of her vibrant look. Her body has a colourful tie-dye pattern in shades of purple and pink, and she sports a lovely lavender tail.

But what makes her unique isn’t just her appearance; she’s one of the rarest Squishmallows known for her incredible energy and love for attending her favourite fitness class.

Willo is a 16-inch Pegasus, first introduced in December 2020. She’s valued at $24 and is part of the Fantasy Squad, which includes six characters.

Her bio tells us she’s an early riser who spends her mornings staying active and the rest of her day helping her friends and neighbours.


Jackie The Purple Tulip

Jackie The Purple Tulip

Some Squishmallow toys resemble Disney characters, including Jackie the Purple Tulip.

Jackie is attractive because she has a vibe similar to French Fry Floyd, even though she’s shaped like a tulip with deep purple petals that go to her head.

This limited edition Squishmallow has big pale green leaves, black eyes, and a friendly smile.

Jackie enjoys shopping with her sisters and going on retro treasure hunts when they travel together.

Daxxon The Purple Alien

Daxxon is a Rare Squishmallow

Daxxon is one of those special alien Squishmallows, and he’s one of the rarest squishmallows out there. He’s decked out in an excellent design with purple, blue, and white stars.

Daxxon has dark purple speckles, antennae, and a friendly smile.

He’s a unique alien Squishmallow who’s journeyed quite a way to meet up with his other Squishmallow friends, and they’re all on a mission for world domination!

Brigita The Snow Leopard

Brigita is a Rare Squishmallow

Brigita is a rare squishmallow because she’s only sold at Target, similar to how Mariah is exclusive to Aldi.

Brigita’s cute appearance, with light green spots and a beige outline, makes her one of the rarest squishmallows. She has a tiny pink mouth and enjoys bagels, which can make your mornings more fun.

You can find Brigita at Target, and she’s a big fan of ladybugs. She even has a ladybug-themed bathrobe.

Brigita’s favourite snacks are peanut bagels and green smoothies. If you want to bring Brigita home, you must spend $69 or more.

Louisa The Penguin

Louisa is a Rare Squishmallow

Let’s introduce you to Louisa, the penguin who’s all about vibrant colours with her tie-dye rainbow look. She has a prominent beak, round black eyes, fluffy wings, and a tiny crown.

What’s excellent about Louisa is that she’s a rare Squishmallow who loves skiing, which makes her easy to like and fun to talk about.

Fania The Purple Owl

Fania is a Rare Squishmallow

Fania is a rare squishmallow that became available in February 2020. You can buy her at Walmart for $44.99, but she once sold for a whopping $2,999 at an auction.

This exceptional price makes her the most expensive Squismallow ever sold.

Fania’s character is described as an owl who loves reading stories, especially about fairytales and royalty. She often imagines herself as a princess.

Stacy The Squid

Stacy The Squid

Let’s talk about Stacy, who joined the Squishmallow family in 2020. She’s a bit shy and loves books, often choosing to stay home with a good read.

Stacy became quite famous, and it’s all thanks to TikTok.

She was initially launched as a part of the Valentine collection, and it’s important to mention that the 24-inch version of Stacy is exclusively available in Canada.

Golden Hans

Golden Hans is a Rare Squishmallow

Let’s talk about Golden Hans, one of the rarest Squishmallows, it introduced in 2021 to mark the sale of 100 million Squishmallows.

There were only 3,000 of the 16-inch golden versions, and they were sold for $39.99 each.

Hans is a hedgehog who loves cooking, enjoys watching movies, and is always ready for exciting adventures.

FAQs on Rarest Squishmallow

What Makes a Squishmallow Rare?

A rare Squishmallow is a unique kind of Squishmallow, and there are only 75,000 of them in the entire world. To find one, look for those with a unique silver tag.

If you miss out on buying one when it’s first released, you might have to wait for someone who owns one to sell it.

Sometimes, they might ask for more money or put it up for auction. So, keep your eyes open and be patient if you want to get your hands on one of these special Squishmallows.

What is The Most Popular Squishmallow?

We’ve learned that Cam the Cat is the most loved and famous Squishmallow. Another one that everyone adores is Jack the Cat, and it was sold out online just two hours after it was released.

What is The Most Expensive Squishmallow?

From time to time, a Jack the Cat can be worth as much as $2,000 because there are only 500 in the world (2).

But what’s even more fascinating is that there are reports of Fania the Purple Owl being sold at an auction for an incredible $2,999, which makes her the most expensive Squishmallow ever sold (3).

What’s The Cutest Squishmallow?

Cam the Calico Cat is considered one of the top 10 cutest Squishmallows by internet users. He’s made even cuter with his purple pompom hat.

Fun fact: The original Cam, whose real name is Cameron, was the very first Squishmallow to come out in 2017. Cam is the original and the best!

What is a Hug Mee Squishmallow?

The Hug Mees collection was introduced in 2019. These Squishmallows are different from the regular ones because they have hands, feet, or paws and are even better for cuddling.

Is the Evangelica Squishmallow Rare?

In 2021, a pink and white cow became a part of the Valentine Squad. In this squad, there are two Evangelica Squishmallows; the only difference between them is that one has a soft pink centre that looks like a bed of roses.

These cow Squishmallows have become very popular, and even though Evangelica isn’t classified as “rare,” she’s definitely one of the top choices for Squishmallow fans.

What Are Limited Edition Squishmallows?

In April 2022, a Rarity Scale was created to help people new to buying and collecting Squishmallows. This scale tells you which Squishmallows are memorable and challenging to find.

When a character is marked as “rare,” it means that only a certain number of them are made, and once they are all sold, that design won’t be made again.

What Are The Top 3 Rarest Squishmallows?

Jack the Cat is the hardest to find, with only 500 of them worldwide. After Jack, you have Avery the Duck and Fania the Purple Owl. These are some of the rarest Squishmallows out there.

What Was The First Ever Squishmallow?

In 2017, Kellytoy made its first Squishmallow called Cameron the Calico Cat (1) . This soft and huggable toy was first sold at Walgreens and came in sizes 8, 12, and 16 inches.

Now, many people see Squishmallows as something worth collecting, almost like an investment. This is especially true since they’ve introduced a new way to tell if a Squishmallow is rare or limited when it’s released.

What is the rarest original Squishmallow?

The rarest Squishmallow you can find is 16-inch Jack the Black Cat. Only 500 of them were ever made. He holds the title of being the very first limited edition Squishmallow and was exclusively available through the Kellytoys website.

Final Statement on The Rarest Squishmallow

Jack The Black Cat is the rarest Squishmallow. Only 500 of these cats were ever made, and he’s the very first special Squishmallow.

These cute stuffed animals made by the Kelly Toy Company are a big hit, like Beanie Babies from the 90s.

Some Squishmallows are extra special because they’re super comfy and have a lot of personality. People really like them, and they’re often called “rare.”

Most Squishmallows are affordable, but some super special ones have been sold for thousands of dollars.

So, if you’re a Squishmallow fan, you might want to keep an eye out for unique ones like Jack The Black Cat.


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